Confectionery equipment

Tunnel Cyclothermic Oven
The tunnel cyclothermic oven with additional convection function is a multifunctional oven used for continuous baking of all types of pastry, bread and bakery products requiring temperatures up to 250 ° C. Moving inside the oven is done with a steel belt or mesh. The furnace design directly depends on the specific task of the client.
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Dough mixer Z shaped
The dough mixer is a professional piece of equipment for dough mixing. The equipment allows you to significantly speed up the production process, as well as improve the quality of the finished product. At specialized enterprises, the dough mixers constitute the basic installations, which make almost impossible the serial production of baked product. GourmetBack specialists are engaged in the manufacture of customized dough mixers. Engineers of our plant will implement any project to simplify the production processes at your company.
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Enrobing machine
The machine has the functions of "blowing" excess glaze and vibration of the table mesh. It also has a decorator module of the ZIG-ZAG type, which provides a wide range of possibilities for decorating products. The enrobing machine is equipped with a 15 "LCD touch panel. The panel has a swivel arm, which allows comfortable operation of the machine from both sides of the production line. The menu with a wide range of settings allows you to easily and intuitively manage all the parameters of the device.
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The belt conveyor is designed to transport bulk and lumpy materials, as well as small-sized products. Such equipment makes it possible to automate the movement of raw materials and finished products in production, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the process. This brings significant time and financial savings to the owner. You can order the manufacture of the conveyors from GourmetBack. Experienced specialists would implement a task of any complexity, and our own design office would allow to develop a unique solution based on the needs of the clients' business.
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Extruder machine
The extruder machine is designed to work as part of the technological process of confectionery production. It consists of a frame with cabinets installed on it with electrical equipment, a dough injection mechanism, a string cutting mechanism and a conveyor that transfers workpieces. The machine forms biscuit blanks, puts them on a conveyor belt and transfers the blanks to the line.
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Decorating machines
Many people love sweets for their taste. They can be of diverse composition, shape and design. To make the products look delicious, they are covered with chocolate icing or patterns. But not everyone knows what the device looks like, which is used to gain the result. In a factory that produces a large number of desserts, it is physically impossible to decorate the entire volume of products by hand. For complex production, a special device is used - a decorating machine for confectionery products.
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Rotary Moulder
Molding machines are designed to give the mixture a specific configuration. Such equipment is used in mass, large-scale and serial production. Machine molding allows to reduce the time and effort required for the production of goods, improve the quality of compaction and increase the accuracy of the geometric dimensions of the casting. GourmetBack is engaged in the manufacture of industrial equipment. The machines of our factory are an opportunity to automate any production processes.
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Cooling conveyor
The cooling conveyor is a special item of equipment that allows to move bulk materials, while adhering to a certain temperature regime. Combining the tasks makes it possible to speed up and automate the production process. The equipment is useful for various enterprises related to the production of caramel, medicines and other products that require a special temperature regime. You can order the manufacture of the equipment with the required parameters from GourmetBack.
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Freezing tunnel
The cooling tunnel is designed for cooling products in the food industry (sweets, cookies, gingerbread) and ensures the best product quality. The tunnel is used for cooling and post-cooling of the product, as well as for transportation while maintaining the set temperature. The temperature inside the cooling tunnel is regulated and controlled by the control unit, it is possible to regulate the temperature and operating parameters in each section.
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Dough spreading machines
In Kyiv, the large-scale food industry enterprises need modern machines that can automate and optimize the work processes as much as possible. The flour-related industry requires conveyors, decorators, dough sheeters and other equipment. All technological devices reduce labor intensity and the need for a large staff of employees. GourmetBack offers dough sheeters and other machines for the food industry at affordable prices and according to the needs of production processes.
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Proofing cabinets
Bold and airy baked goods are obtained through a fermentation stage, in which the dough pieces are kept in a humid and warm environment. Certain conditions are required for each type of product. Proofing cabinet is the equipment which helps you create pastries by setting the necessary modes. You cannot do without it in the bakeries, cafes, pastry shops or canteens. GourmetBack manufactures all types of proofing cabinets to order in Kyiv and across Ukraine. The equipment is manufactured with due account of the size of the premises, the range of products and operating conditions.
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Washing machine for trolleys and crates
The automated washer is a versatile and efficient unit that meets the highest hygiene standards for washing and disinfection. The washer can wash trolleys, crates, hanging and floor shelves and frames. The unit is also ideal for handling trolley-mounted equipment. The washing machine will be useful in completely different industries: confectionery, pharmaceutical, logistics, medical sector, meat industry, poultry, fish products, cheese making.
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One of the activities of GourmetBack lies in the area of the manufacture and sale of confectionery production equipment. It is ideal for large and medium enterprises in the food industry. When ordering the equipment for baking, confectionery and food production on our website, you can count on:

● the possibility of delivery of the machines throughout Kiev and Ukraine;

● the quality assurance for parts and equipment;

● the affordable cost, discounts for regular and wholesale customers.

Reliable equipment for manufacturing confectionery product

GourmetBack is a combination of a modern technological base and the availability of the experienced specialists who are ready to meet the needs of the customers. We cooperate with:

● restaurants;

● cafe;

● private bakeries and pastry shops;

● bread factories;

● hotel complexes;

● process plants and factories in the food industry.

GourmetBack is not just a manufacturer of the equipment for the food industry. Our experts will help you repair, commission, and provide warranty and post-warranty service. The company’s masters will teach you how to work with the equipment in order to perform at your best.

What equipment we produce

We offer to buy any type of the production confectionery equipment. The catalog shows:

● flour sifters – they work on the same principle as the sieve does and can significantly automate the process;

● dough mixers – kneading dough with a low moisture content in large volumes;

● molding machines – creating dough pieces before baking in the oven;

● thermal mixers – designed for preparation of glaze, chocolate and other masses;

● mixers – make it possible to get whipped topping, cream, glaze and batter;

● tunnel gas cyclometric furnaces with an additional convection function – they provide a constant temperature during baking;

● cooling tables and conveyors;

● decorating machines – designed for applying glaze on the baking surface using the CNC control;

● machines for sprinkling with sugar powder and crumbs, as well as the machines for sugar syrup glazing;

● packing lines, etc.

Having our own workshops makes it possible to produce production equipment for the preparation of baked goods, sweets, marshmallows, as well as other flour, bakery and confectionery products. We are always ready for implementing the non-standard tasks.

Gingerbreads, biscuits, long loafs, marmalade – we will manufacture the equipment ideally suited for the preparation of all those products.

Benefits of collaboration

To use the equipment from GourmetBack is very simple and convenient, and the company’s specialists are always ready to help maintain the equipment. Our official production equipment covers the reliable baking machines at an affordable price. With GourmetBack you can improve production processes that guarantee perfect eating experience of confectionery and bakery products!