Decorating machines

Many people love sweets for their taste. They can be of diverse composition, shape and design. To make the products look delicious, they are covered with chocolate icing or patterns. But not everyone knows what the device looks like, which is used to gain the result. In a factory that produces a large number of desserts, it is physically impossible to decorate the entire volume of products by hand. For complex production, a special device is used - a decorating machine for confectionery products.
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    How the decorator works

    Its body and structural elements are made of stainless steel. The confectionery decorating machine consists of:

    ● a frame;

    ● a decorator;

    ● a control panel;

    ● a conveyor;

    ● a bath;

    ● a pump;

    ● an agitator with a drive;

    ● a pump drive;

    ● a heater;

    ● a water pump;

    ● a decorator drive;

    ● a tray;

    ● a wet bath.

    How a confectionery decorating machine operates

    In front of the machine there is a control panel that adjusts the amplitude of the decorating machine operation and the conveyor speed. A bath with an agitator is located in the machine body. The glaze is heated in the bath to the required temperature, and then pumped into the decorating unit. Above the bath there is a conveyor screen feeder. Above the conveyor there is a decorating assembly unit. The confectionery products are placed on the conveyor, which, passing through the decorating zone, are covered with glaze. The products are smoothly decorated with chocolate thanks to the step adjustment of the application amplitude. The extra amount of chocolate goes back to the bath through the mesh. Maintenance of a confectionery decorator does not require significant effort, but implies:

    ● easy assembly/disassembly;

    ● simple removal of the electric drive for cleaning the decorator with a water jet;

    ● ingress of glaze into the interior of the decorator will not cause its shutdown.

    GourmetBack means quality confirmed by many years of experience

    The company has been manufacturing equipment for the food industry for 20 years. The wide range of the confectionery equipment consists of various types of devices:

    ● a flour sifter – a device for sifting flour in bakery production, as well as for sifting sugar – in confectionery;

    ● a kneader – a device for preparing dough in various variations: puff, yeast, choux;

    ● molding installations – create dough pieces before baking them in the oven;

    ● thermal mixers – for producing glaze and chocolate;

    ● mixers – for whipping top milk, cream and batter;

    ● tunnel gas cyclometric ovens with a convection function – to maintain the temperature at the required level;

    ● cooling tables – to maintain a low temperature of caramel, marmalade and soufflé;

    ● conveyors – for moving finished products directly to the place of packaging;

    ● decorating units apply glaze to the baking surface;

    ● machines for dusting sugar, crumbs, and also for sugar syrup wetting;

    ● packaging lines.

    GourmetBack is not only a manufacturer of custom-made equipment for cafes, restaurants, bakeries and hotel complexes. The warranty and post-warranty service include repair and adjustment of devices. In addition to manufacturing equipment, the company is engaged in metal processing in various ways, as well as providing vehicles for rent.

    GourmetBack employees are professionals with extensive experience. Production of confectionery machines is carried out with high quality and on time. You can order and purchase production equipment at an adequate price on the company’s website. If necessary, you can arrange delivery and installation of the equipment in Kyiv and across Ukraine.