Cooling conveyor

The cooling conveyor is a special item of equipment that allows to move bulk materials, while adhering to a certain temperature regime. Combining the tasks makes it possible to speed up and automate the production process. The equipment is useful for various enterprises related to the production of caramel, medicines and other products that require a special temperature regime. You can order the manufacture of the equipment with the required parameters from GourmetBack.
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    Manufacturing specifics of the conveyors

    GourmetBack manufactures metal structures and various custom-made machines. The company’s specialists are ready to fulfill any customer needs. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, qualified engineers and modern technical base, we guarantee excellent quality, as well as a long service life of the equipment.

    Our own design office makes it possible to produce inexpensive cooling conveyors with the specified parameters. The equipment will be designed and manufactured in accordance with the needs of the client’s business, which will significantly facilitate, speed up and reduce the cost of further production processes.

    Scope of conveyors application

    Modern conveyors with a cooling system are used in various industries, including:

    ● pulp and paper;

    ● chemical;

    ● pharmaceutical;

    ● cosmetic;

    ● food (confectionery, vegetables, fruits, meat, chips).

    GourmetBack engineers will design the conveyor based on the needs of your business. The dimensions, belt speed, temperature conditions and additional features can be any. The company’s specialists will not only manufacture the required conveyor, but will also install it and carry out the commissioning.

    Benefits of using machine tools

    GourmetBack conveyors have a number of advantages:

    ● environmental friendliness – only hypoallergenic materials are used, so the ready-made conveyors can be used even in the food and pharmaceutical industries;

    ● comfort and safety of operation – the equipment is easy to clean, it is possible to change the speed mode or equip the conveyor with a heating system for defrosting frozen products;

    ● long service life – the combination of high-quality stainless steel and modern technology guarantees wear resistance;

    ● the possibility of closed transportation – this is important when moving explosive substances in the chemical industry.

    Product prices

    GourmetBack production offers the best prices for cooling conveyors in Ukraine. The following factors affect the cost of the finished products:

    ● design features;

    ● dimensions;

    ● required functionality;

    ● additional wishes.

    GourmetBack is a direct producer. This guarantees excellent product quality and allows you not to overpay the intermediaries. The reliable conveyors will help to reduce the cost of production processes, which makes the purchase of such equipment a financially sound decision.

    GourmetBack is a production of metal structures to order

    The company’s clients can count on high-quality products, which is confirmed by all the necessary certificates and permits. The discounts are provided to regular customers. There is a possibility of delivery of the equipment across the country, as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

    GourmetBack cooling conveyors are reliable and durable machines that can significantly reduce the costs and simplify the production of various goods and raw materials.