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The dough mixer is a professional piece of equipment for dough mixing. The equipment allows you to significantly speed up the production process, as well as improve the quality of the finished product. At specialized enterprises, the dough mixers constitute the basic installations, which make almost impossible the serial production of baked product. GourmetBack specialists are engaged in the manufacture of customized dough mixers. Engineers of our plant will implement any project to simplify the production processes at your company.

The kneader is suitable for all types of dough









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    Design features of the kneading machine:

    The blade geometry, proven by 20 years of experience and the possibility of fine adjustment, guarantees particularly fast and intensive mixing of ingredients, and an optimal visible mixing result.

    • Materials used – stainless steel, bronze, polyacetal.
    • Control – touch, based on Siemens (Delta) components.
    • Drive units – geared motors Motovario, Italy .
    • Bearing Units – NSK Japan

    Technical characteristics:

    Купить промышленный тестомес

    Capacity (batch)150 – 1500 kg
    Bowl volume0.5 – 1.5 m³
    Rotation speed of kneading bodies10 – 30, 30 – 90 rpm
    Optional kneading bodiesZ-shaped, spiral, one-piece
    Bowl rotation during unloading110 °
    Power consumption20-50 kW

    Advantages of dough mixers

    The use of dough mixers has significant advantages:

    ● ease of use;

    ● short-cut consumption of ingredients when mixing dough;

    ● increased speed of performing technical operations;

    ● excellent quality of mixed dough.

    The equipment with additional options (various attachments, several ways of rotation, timer, automatic tilting of the bowl) allows you to solve the auxiliary tasks during production of baked goods. The dough-mixing machine kneads yeasted, sweet, non-fermented or choux dough. The equipment is designed for long-term and continuous operation. Thanks to specially designed equipment, the dough is homogeneous, and the finished product is very tasty.

    Scope of use of the dough-mixing machines

    A dough mixer is a primary necessity at any enterprises related to the production of flour products. The machine will greatly increase the efficiency of the bakers and kitchen staff. To buy a dough-mixing machine should become the necessity for the owners of:

    ● bakery factories;

    ● confectionery factories;

    ● catering companies;

    ● shops with small confectionery shops.

    Pizza, bread, donuts, pies and baguettes – special equipment is needed in the production of any flour products. The dough-mixing machine will not only save time and resources, but will also improve the quality of the finished product, which will lead to the increased profit and popularity of your company.

    Varieties of dough-mixing machines

    There are 3 main types of dough mixers:
    ●Horizontal. The equipment is designed for the production of stiff dough. Such dough mixers are used in the manufacture of flour semi-finished products (khinkali, varenyky, dumplings), as well as certain types of cookies.

    ● Spiral. The working body resembles the Latin letter S. The equipment is used in the production of heavy types of dough, for example, rye and wheat flour of high humidity. The machine is used to make noodles, rolls, loaves and breads.

    ● Planetary. Universal machines designed for kneading various types of dough: from liquid to biscuit. The units are also capable of working with mousses, mashed potatoes and minced meat. Most often, the planetary kneaders are used in the catering industry.

    Making of dough-mixing machines to order

    GourmetBack production is ready to fulfill any customer needs related to dough-mixing equipment. The availability of modern workshops and our own design office allows us to develop a unique project that will take into account all the specifics of the client’s business. Dimensions, performance and additional options depend only on the wishes of the customer.

    Since there are no intermediaries, the prices for the dough mixes are relatively low. All models comply with the legal regulations and standards, and the goods are covered by a warranty. The delivery is possible to any point in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine with further installation of the machines and carrying out their commissioning. Also, the workers of the plant will be engaged in the post-commissioning maintenance of the equipment.