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Molding machines are designed to give the mixture a specific configuration. Such equipment is used in mass, large-scale and serial production. Machine molding allows to reduce the time and effort required for the production of goods, improve the quality of compaction and increase the accuracy of the geometric dimensions of the casting. GourmetBack is engaged in the manufacture of industrial equipment. The machines of our factory are an opportunity to automate any production processes.
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    Specifics of producing molding machines

    GourmetBack has been manufacturing industrial machine tools for over 20 years. The reputation of an excellent partner is the main reason to cooperate with the factory. The combination of the experienced specialists and modern technical base allows us to produce molding machines with any dimensions and design features. The finished machines are reliable, durable and functional.

    GourmetBack employs qualified engineers and its own design office. This makes it possible to take into account the specifics of the client’s business before developing a unique project. So, the equipment will ideally fit into a specific production process, simplifying, accelerating and reducing the cost of production of serial or small-scale products.

    Benefits and scope of operation

    There are several reasons to order and install the molding machines:

    ● creation of products of any complexity, size and thickness – the thinner the part, the more profitable the technology;

    ● durability – GourmetBack manufactures equipment of high-quality materials, which guarantees its long service life;

    ● significant increase in productivity;

    ● ease of maintenance. The machines are used in the manufacture of household goods, in the food industry, construction, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, etc. Due to their versatility, the molding  machines have become indispensable in all foundry operations.

    Varieties of molding machines

    Molding machines are divided according to the following criteria:

    ● Type of energy to drive the machine. Manual models are ineffective and are almost never used in mass production. Pneumatic machines are highly reliable and versatile; they are most often used in the foundries. Mechanical devices are used to make large parts. Hydraulic and electromechanical machines are highly efficient, economical and quiet, but are generally only suitable for making molds in small foundry flasks.

    ● Method of compaction of the mixture. The machines can be manual, press, vibro-press, and joggling with second pressing. Recently, the sand-throwing machines and sand blowers are also often used. The choice of a specific model depends on the characteristics and type of products being manufactured.

    ● Method for extracting parts. Most often, the machines are used with pin or frame lifting of the mold half, as well as with a rotary or transfer table.

    GourmetBack sells all kinds of molding machines. We are engaged in the production of equipment, so we can make machines with any characteristics. These machines will ideally suit to the characteristics of the client’s enterprise.

    GourmetBack is the number 1 manufacturer of the equipment in Ukraine.

    By ordering the molding machines from GourmetBack, the customers can count on low prices, installation and maintenance services for the machines in Kyiv and Ukraine, as well as prompt delivery throughout the country. All products are covered by a guarantee, the quality of the machines is confirmed by all the necessary certificates.

    GourmetBack molding machines are a combination of affordable cost and high reliability of the equipment!