Proofing cabinets

Bold and airy baked goods are obtained through a fermentation stage, in which the dough pieces are kept in a humid and warm environment. Certain conditions are required for each type of product. Proofing cabinet is the equipment which helps you create pastries by setting the necessary modes. You cannot do without it in the bakeries, cafes, pastry shops or canteens. GourmetBack manufactures all types of proofing cabinets to order in Kyiv and across Ukraine. The equipment is manufactured with due account of the size of the premises, the range of products and operating conditions.
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    Principle of operation and design of proofers

    When forming the dough pieces for bakery and confectionery products, the structure of the dough is disturbed. To prepare them for baking, a proofing stage is required. During this process, at a temperature of 40–45°C and a humidity of 70–80%, due to the increased formation of carbon dioxide, the dough increases in volume and becomes elastic. Under the right conditions, the gluten framework of the dough pieces is restored, and their top layer becomes smooth and elastic.


    This is tightly closed equipment, which consists of a metal case, doors, a device for creating a microclimate and a control panel. The inexpensive models are equipped with baths and sponges. Heating elements heat the bathtubs, and the water, when evaporated, creates a warm and humid microclimate. Steam generators are installed in more modern cabinets. The inside of the chambers is equipped with sectional shelves for dough pieces. Some models can be fitted with tray carts. The process is controlled through the glass doors or a window in a metal sheathing.

    Types of proofers

    Depending on the purpose and volume of production, you can order the equipment of the following types from GourmetBack:

    1. Mini-cabinets – to do preparations for baking bread and confectionery products weighing up to 200 g. Designed for no more than 4 levels. Suitable for small bakeries and catering establishments.

    2. Medium – for proofing dough pieces up to 600 g. They are installed in pizzerias, canteens, cafes and bakeries. The height accommodates 8-10 shelves with semi-finished dough products.

    3. Large – the integral parts of the baking lines. They are used to distribute the dough pieces up to 1250. This large-sized equipment is designed for 12 or 16 levels.

    Selection criteria for proofing cabinets

    The large-sized equipment allows you to load a large amount of product in one cycle. This affects the productivity of the factory. The efficiency and cost of proofers also depend on the following indicators:

    ● the number of modes and the range of set temperatures;

    ● maintaining a certain level of humidity;

    ● speed of heating the working chamber;

    ● accuracy of microclimate indicators adjustment;

    ● height between the shelves and the number of levels;

    ● material of the case, doors and encasement;

    ● degree of thermal insulation;

    ● tightness of doors.

    You can buy from GourmetBack the proofing cabinets having additional functions at an adequate price: adding some flour to prevent sticking of the dough or the ability to work in the rooms with insufficient heating.

    GourmetBack is a manufacturer of professional food processing equipment

    The company with 20 years of experience manufactures different types of proofing cabinets with due account of the specifics of customers’ businesses. The price of the product adequately corresponds to the selected characteristics. All models are made of quality materials using modern processing techniques. The quality of the bakery and confectionery products depends on the technological equipment used. Entrust its production to the experienced professionals!