Design Office

Manufacture of equipment for the automation of enterprises in various industrial sectors requires the development of projects, drawings and relevant technical documentation for the operation of facilities. GourmetBack has created a design bureau to carry out these and other tasks. Specialists of an independent structural unit of the enterprise perform the tasks of any level of complexity, focusing on customer requests. The non-standard projects are not a problem, but a challenge for a team of professionals with 20 years of experience who are ready to direct their efforts to obtain an effective and timely result.

The range of tasks and functions of the structural unit

The employees work on the projects of two categories – external and internal. In the first case, the team would find a professional solution to a unique idea which is proposed by the customer. The internal projects involve the use of the multi-purpose designs adapted to the needs of a particular client. The design office of the GourmetBack company is engaged in:

● full preparation or assistance in writing technical design specifications, taking into account the customer requirements;

● modeling of industrial installations and equipment for process control;

● creation and improvement of structures of mechanisms, devices, and machine tools;

● preparation of drawings and formation of a design package and technical documentation;

● installation, testing, adjustment and launch of new facilities;

● supervision over the manufacture and operation of finished products.

Getting fast solution of non-standard project tasks in Ukraine

The availability of the design office in the structural organization of GourmetBack is one of the main advantages of the company. It is beneficial for the customers to cooperate with us for 5 reasons:

1. A team of professionals. The specialists on the staff are the people with 20 years of experience in the mechanical engineering and industrial equipment industry. The non-standard tasks do not scare the team members, but allow them to realize their potential in high-quality project execution.

2. Innovation. Thanks to the experienced vision of the situation, each of the employees is ready to offer dozens of different solutions aimed at achieving the desired productivity at the lowest cost.

3. Flexibility. The team members work with both standard and unique customer projects. At the same time, they propose ideas for the completion of products, completely focusing on the requirements and requests of the client.

4. Efficiency. The use of modern design and modeling technologies allows to reduce the lead time. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about their readiness in case of additional improvements.

5. Support at all stages of work. Cooperation with the customer does not end at the moment of project creation, but continues during the installation, testing, commissioning and launching of equipment. If necessary, it is possible to consult on certain technical issues. The solutions developed and implemented by our company in Kyiv allow us to modernize an existing or create a new production, to automate technological processes at the enterprises of the food and processing industries, electronics and the automotive industry. The company’s website provides an order form with the ability to attach drawings. GourmetBack design solutions for your business are a combination of professionalism, innovation and efficiency.