Equipment manufacturing

Industrial lines
Масштабное производство выпечки из теста в условиях современного рынка невозможно без модернизированных промышленных кондитерских линий. Они ускоряют и упрощают процесс изготовления изделий благодаря высокой технологичности. В состав оборудования могут входить различные механизмы, например, гильотина, дозатор начинки, увлажнитель, панель управления и т.д. Степень оснащенности зависит от требований к агрегату. Купить промышленные кондитерские линии в Украине можно в компании GourmetBack. Мы более 20 лет занимаемся разработкой и производством специального оборудования в Киеве для фабрик и цехов по изготовлению продуктов из теста.
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Equipment for packing
Packaging is an integral part of the production of candies, cookies and other pastries. The special film provides sterility, protects the product from the environmental impact and testifies to the correct storage conditions. Packaging equipment for confectionery product is necessary for large-scale food production. It is possible to buy the components for packing machines from the producer, the GourmetBack company in Kyiv. Many years of experience allow to produce the inexpensive special equipment with the required characteristics which is distinguished by high quality and long service life.
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Technological production using auxiliary equipment for the food industry
Preparation of various dishes and drinks is a laborious task that requires accuracy and special skills. Handwork takes time and significantly slows down the entire production. To optimize the processes, it is worth buying the equipment that performs additional tasks in cooking and confectionery. Such equipment includes egg breakers, ice cream dispensers, pie-shell impregnation stations, ingredient feeders, etc.
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The highlights of our product

Current production technologies are the key to the company’s successful operation. The reliable equipment allows to:

  • reduce labor costs;
  • reduce the scrap rate;
  • improve the quality of the finished product, etc.

If you are planning to expand or modernize your production, the GourmetBack team will come to the rescue. The company produces customized equipment of stainless steel. We have more than 20 years of experience, the qualified personnel and modern machines for producing technological lines and treating metals. Our own design bureau allows to implement absolutely any client’s wishes with due regard of the specific features of the customer business.

What we offer

We specialize in the manufacture, design and sale of the equipment for large and medium-sized food business (primarily, we are talking about the companies that make pastries and sweeties). Our dough mixers, glazing and decorating machines, cooling tables, sprinkling machines, etc., will be ideally suited for:

  • cafe;
  • restaurants;
  • bakery manufacturing plants;
  • confectioneries;
  • hotels and shops with their own cuisine.

You can review our offers on our website catalog. In addition to the confectionery and food companies, we also cooperate with the companies in the electronics, automotive and processing industries. Our equipment will help to patch things up concerning the manufacturing processes for both large and small businesses.

Why you should deal with GourmetBack

GourmetBack is the best choice if you want to buy new equipment of stainless steel in Kyiv and Ukraine. We would like to offer our clients:

  • the fulfillment of the customer designed orders;
  • low cost of the machines and at the same time, the best quality of the equipment;
  • delivery, installation and commissioning services;
  • warranty;
  • possibility of post-warranty service.

GourmetBack production equipment covers a range of high-quality machines at reasonable price. They will help you implement the essential improvements in your company!

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