Technological production using auxiliary equipment for the food industry

Preparation of various dishes and drinks is a laborious task that requires accuracy and special skills. Handwork takes time and significantly slows down the entire production. To optimize the processes, it is worth buying the equipment that performs additional tasks in cooking and confectionery. Such equipment includes egg breakers, ice cream dispensers, pie-shell impregnation stations, ingredient feeders, etc.

The main advantages of such appliances over handwork:

● the appliance is adapted to a specific task and performs it with maximum accuracy;

● the process becomes automated and accelerated due to the absence of interruptions and a human factor;

● the employees are busy with basic tasks and are not distracted by small procedures;

● the operation of the enterprise is continuous, which increases its productivity.

GourmetBack produces appliances that meet the international standards of sanitation and safety. Each part is made of stainless steel, polymers and other materials intended for contact with the food. The appliances are divided into two types:

1. Manual control. Controlled by the worker using electrical short circuits.

2. Automatic control. Equipped with a computer with a built-in list of functions.

The price of the second type is higher, but the task is performed more accurately and quickly. The cost of such equipment is paid off due to its efficiency with the saving on labor costs and special skill training of the employees. This provides the enterprise with access to a qualitatively new technological level of production.

The category of equipment includes not only mechanized devices. Food factories also use laboratory tables and surfaces for manufacturing processes, special cabinets and racks, components and devices for transporting food around the pastry shop. Each unit has been developed with due account of the manufacturing characteristics and creation of favorable conditions at the enterprise.

Inexpensive and high-quality equipment from GourmetBack in Ukraine

The company produces supporting machinery for the food industry. Each device has been designed to perform a specific task and has been created with due account of technological innovations and long-term active use. The online catalog contains the original equipment that can be purchased by completing the form on the website or by calling the numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

The GourmetBack Design Bureau will help you develop the individual drawings  and customize your supporting equipment. Over 20 years of experience has allowed us to speak with confidence that insoluble situations do not exist. We take on the non-standard orders that will optimize the production specifically for your business.

Besides production equipment, we are ready to offer our customers the jobs on starting-up and commissioning of equipment. Our masters will conduct training and explain the terms of use to your employees. We are focused on long-term work with the customers and we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

A full list of services is presented in the price list. You can get it by contacting our specialist. With the equipment from GourmetBack, your production will reach a new level, become automated and technologically effective and bring you more profit.

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