Dough dividing machines

The dough divider is designed to divide the dough into portions of the required size. So, the finished baked goods will have the same weight and correspond to the specified parameters. It is worth buying dough dividers for the enterprises that are engaged in the production of bakery and confectionery products. Thanks to professional equipment, you can simplify and speed up the laborious process of making buns, cookies and loaves. The customers can order the industrial dough dividing machines from GourmetBack production. The experienced specialists of the company are ready to implement a project of any complexity.

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    Benefits of using the dough dividers

    Modern dividers are distinguished by their small size and virtually silent operation. The equipment uses a minimum of electricity, which significantly reduces the cost of forming the dough pieces of baked goods. The high-quality steel and hypoallergenic plastic are used for production – the machines are durable and safe in operation. Also, the machines are as easy to maintain as possible.

    The dough dividers are in demand in various areas of the food industry and HoReCa businesses:

    ● bakery factories;

    ● confectionery factories;

    ● cafe;● restaurants;

    ● fast food outlets.

    The process automation can greatly speed up the production. The finished products are perfectly smooth, and the dough is not damaged during processing, so the use of dough dividers does not affect the taste of the product. The consumption of raw materials is also reduced.

    Varieties of dough dividing machines

    The cut-off dough dividing machines divide the dough bath by cutting it according to the preset volume. Most often, they are used in the manufacture of bread of rye or wheat-rye flour. Pressure dividers are considered more versatile, they are designed to squeeze out the dough into special pockets. According to the principle of operation, they are divided into the following types:

    ● Screw-type dividers. They are ideal for mass production. The divider is distinguished by its simplicity of design and high maintainability.

    ● Vacuum dividers. The equipment is gentle on the dough, maintaining the integrity of its structure. Such dough dividers are used when working with sticky raw materials.

    ● Hydraulic dividers. The machines are compact and are often installed in small bakeries that serve cafes, restaurants and bakeshops.

    The dough dividers differ in control specifics. Manual models are suitable for small industries, semi-automatic equipment is more expensive, but can greatly speed up the process of forming the dough pieces, and automatic machines are designed for mass production of bakery products. Additionally, the machines can be equipped with a convenient control panel and a dough pieces counter. Our factory makes the equipment to order. The experienced specialists would implement the wishes of the customers with due account of the goals and needs of a particular business.

    Specific features of cooperation with GourmetBack

    GourmetBack is the number 1 manufacturer of confectionery and food equipment in Ukraine. The clients of the company can count on warranty and post-warranty service and affordable cost of dough dividers. The discounts are provided to regular customers. We also handle delivery, installation and commissioning throughout the country.

    When ordering the GourmetBack dough dividers, customers receive quality equipment at low prices. The machines serve for a long period, they do not need repairs for years. GourmetBack dough dividing machines are an opportunity to simplify, reduce the cost and speed up the production of baked goods!