Dough rounders

When making various baked products of dough, the formulation and technology should be observed. Failure can lead to a deterioration in taste and loss of presentable appearance of the product being sold. Therefore, it is important for a bakery business to have a dough rounder, which will quickly and efficiently make an oval or regular round dough piece for further heat treatment.

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    Types of dough rounders and their distinctive features

    The outer casing is available in painted or stainless steel. The inside of the equipment is made of aluminum, sometimes it is Teflon-coated. The machine runs silently. The control panel is used to adjust the settings. Depending on the principle of operation, the following  types of the machines are distinguished:

    1. Tape rounders. The dough is rolled between two belts that reciprocate in opposite directions relative to each other. These rounders do not give the product the correct ball shape. The dough is well processed for further formation into a cylindrical or any other shape. The tape rounders are mainly used for processing rye and rye-wheat dough.

    2. Conical and bowl-shaped rounders. The dough moves along a fixed chute with a rotating cone or bowl. The quality of the dough depends on the length of the chute; the longer it is, the better the product is processed. When processed, it acquires the correct round shape.

    Advantages of confectionery units

    Modern equipment is characterized by:

    ● high production rate;

    ● production of products with the same weight;

    ● a decrease in dough consumption compared to manual production.

    The dough rounders make the dough porous, increasing the quality of the finished product. During rounding, the dough is crumpled and a homogeneous crumb structure is created. The surface is compacted, the gas escape is limited during proofing, the product is obtained with a smooth and crispy crust. The machines work with any kind of dough: wheat, rye and rich. The range of finished products is diverse: bread, loaf, buns. To prevent sticking of the dough, a device is provided that sprinkles flour on the chute or blows the dough pieces with warm air.

    GourmetBack means versatility and professional approach to each client

    The company has been developing and manufacturing machines for dough factories for over 20 years. Such machines include:

    ● dough mixer – a device for kneading dough with a low moisture content;

    ● calibrating mechanism – for the release of dough tape of various thickness;

    ● guillotine – portioned dough cutting to form products with the same weight and size.

    In addition to the main equipment, the industrial confectionery businesses are completed with:

    ● a trolley for accessories, which conveniently accommodates finished products;

    ● a unit for automatic stacking of trays, with the help of which the products are transferred from the conveyor belt to a baking sheet;

    ● a device for collecting dough waste – a device in the form of a flat surface (table or tank).The cost depends on the configuration of the machine. The better the equipment, the more regulated its production process is. The company also provides warranty and post-warranty service, repairs and adjusts the devices. GourmetBack employees are professionals with extensive experience. The work referred to the manufacture of industrial confectionery lines is carried out efficiently and on time. You can order and purchase production equipment at an affordable price on the company’s website, specifying how much this or that machine costs from the managers. If necessary, you can arrange delivery and installation in Kyiv and across Ukraine.