Dough spreading machines

In Kyiv, the large-scale food industry enterprises need modern machines that can automate and optimize the work processes as much as possible. The flour-related industry requires conveyors, decorators, dough sheeters and other equipment. All technological devices reduce labor intensity and the need for a large staff of employees. GourmetBack offers dough sheeters and other machines for the food industry at affordable prices and according to the needs of production processes.

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    Types and principle of operation of dough sheeters

    The dough sheeter transforms the flour mass into an even layer using special rollers. The dough piece can be of flaky, non-fermented, yeast and any other type of dough, the machine will make a cake of uniform thickness. Types of the machines by characteristics:

    1. Drive unit. There are electric and manual machines. The first is distinguished by its functionality: it is enough to set the rolling parameters and start the device. The second type is cheaper, it is operated with a handle by applying a mechanical force to it. Manual units are in demand in small enterprises, and the electric ones – in large-scale industries.

    2. Installation. There are table and floor structures. The main differences between the machines are size, price and performance. The first ones are more compact, it is convenient to roll out small layers of dough on them. The floor-standing machines allow processing of large-sized dough pieces. The latter are distinguished by higher performance.

    3. Functionality. The single-purpose machines are designed for sheeting dough pieces for a certain type of product, for example, pizza, pasties, dumplings or vareniky. In such machines, the thickness and dimensions of the finished layer are not regulated; they are more often used in small enterprises that manufacture a small amount of semi-finished products. In universal dough sheeters, the operating modes are changed, which allows you to make dough pieces for different products.

    4. Control methods. This parameter is directly dependent on the drive. The human resources are required to operate hand-held machines. The electric machines can be semi- and fully automatic. The machines of the latter type work according to the installed system, the process is controlled by a computer. the semi-automatic machines provide for manual control if the machine operator does not understand the setting procedure. The choice of a dough sheeter should be based on the desired productivity of the enterprise, the number of orders and financial capabilities. In GourmetBack you can order the necessary equipment. The company has been operating for over 20 years in the Ukrainian market, which speaks of the quality of its products.

    GourmetBack – a reliable, time-tested manufacturer

    Manufacturing of industrial equipment for the food industry is one of the company’s activities. GourmetBack provides services for the rental and repair of special equipment and vehicles, metalworking and assembly of structures. The company manufactures furniture and decor items of steel.

    The experts with 20 years of experience work on modern equipment, which makes it possible to fulfill orders of any complexity. You can find out how much the company’s services cost by calling our managers, they will advise you on the point. In the design department, you can create a unique project together with the professionals, and then, bring it to life. The motto of GourmetBack’s work is meeting the deadlines and offering adequate prices and an individual approach!