Equipment for packing

Packaging is an integral part of the production of candies, cookies and other pastries. The special film provides sterility, protects the product from the environmental impact and testifies to the correct storage conditions. Packaging equipment for confectionery product is necessary for large-scale food production. It is possible to buy the components for packing machines from the producer, the GourmetBack company in Kyiv. Many years of experience allow to produce the inexpensive special equipment with the required characteristics which is distinguished by high quality and long service life.

Types and purpose of special machines

Food production implies the compliance with the norms and requirements for product packaging, which ensures the integrity and safety of baking. The types of packaging equipment for the confectionery product are the following:

● flowpack machines – primary packing, product is formed in tubes and is prepared for the subsequent wrapping stages;

● machine units for secondary packaging – products are packed in foil or other material, there can be also formed in multipacks;

● equipment for group packaging – packing of products in show boxes or cardboard trays of open and closed types;

● packaging for transportation – the formation of pallets and other containers that meet the transportation requirements.

Each of the above types of equipment is necessary in the production of confectionery product. The machine units ensure the correct preparation of pastries for transportation and storage in the warehouses, and then on store shelves. The wide choice of packing machines from the GourmetBack catalog allows to pick up an option meeting the needs of the confectionery shop in terms of its capacity, productivity and other characteristics. The confectionery products can be packed in:

● foil – prevents the intrusion of extraneous objects into the product, as well as protects it against mechanical damage;

● OPP or PP film – prevents from the exposure to environmental factors;

● cellophane or cardboard package – the formation of batches and groups of goods.

Packaging has an effect on cosmetic standards and taste of products. Without a film package, the pastry becomes weather-beaten and loses its qualities. The prices for the machine units from GourmetBack are completely affordable but at the same time you get the equipment of the highest quality. We are also ready to offer commissioning and training of your technicians so that the new equipment could be a positive contribution to your production process from day one. Warranty and post-warranty service is one of the principles of our activity, which allows us to establish the long-term trust-based relationship with the customers.

GourmetBack is an expert in producing machine units

The company has been producing technical equipment for the food industry for 20 years. The acquired experience gives the confidence in the reliability of the mechanisms. The experienced professionals develop and produce the high-quality equipment which you can buy at an affordable price. The engineers design and develop the machines with the best technical characteristics that meet the performance requirements. Our design office allows us to create the equipment coming out of the customer needs.

GourmetBack is one of the best manufacturers of technical equipment in Ukraine. We have earned our reputation for exceptionally high-quality products, which up to this day have pleased the owners with their productivity. It is possible to order packing units online, for this purpose leave your request, and our managers will contact you to elaborate the details. The sensible system system of logistics and powerful production base allow us to produce and quickly deliver the equipment across Ukraine. Cooperation with GourmetBack is not only the purchase of the quality equipment, but also a good contribution to the coordinated work of the packaging department.