Gingerbread production lines

Automation of manufacturing processes in the confectionery industry is a prerequisite for the production of quality products and cost optimization to increase profits. The assortment of such enterprises often includes gingerbread. Its production is cost-effective and quickly paid off. The candies should be the same size, composition and consistency. To achieve all those parameters, professional equipment is used instead of manual labor. The gingerbread line combines all stages of the manufacturing process and allows them to be automated. When manufacturing the equipment to order, the specifics of premises and the range of products to be produced are taken into account.

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    Photo Gallery Gingerbread production lines

    Gingerbread production technology

    The peculiarity of these flour products is a large amount of sugar, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, black and allspice peppers, vanilla and other spices in the formulation. There are two main types of gingerbread: malt rye gingerbread and gummy gingerbread. They are decorated with sugar or chocolate icing adding various fillings. The following stages of the manufacturing process ought to be distinguished:

    ● preparation of syrup;

    ● preparation of choux paste and kneading of dough;

    ● forming of dough pieces;

    ● baking;

    ● cooling;

    ● stuffing;

    ● decoration;

    ● drying;

    ● packing, packaging.

    The equipment as part of gingerbread production line

    The stages of the manufacturing process are combined into a single system by means of conveyor and carrier belts. The set of machines and devices for making different types of gingerbread is different. The specialists of the GourmetBack company will help you choose the required configuration and the capacity of individual nodes and lines as a whole. The design office will calculate the productivity, draw up a project with the arrangement chart of the machines in the existing shops. The following equipment for gingerbread production is made at GourmetBack.

    1. Forming machines. Matrices give the dough a certain configuration. This equipment is responsible for the accuracy of the weight of small pieces.

    2. Dough rounders. Responsible for a presentable appearance.

    3. Oven. Distinguish between conveyor and rotary ovens.

    4. Cooling carrier. Tunnel for moving the semi-finished product to the next technological stage at a given temperature.

    5. Decorator of confectionery. Covers the gingerbread with icing and draws given patterns.

    6. Conveyor. Delivers raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to the place of further processing. Automates the process, excludes the work of loaders and reduces the time between the process stages.

    Characteristics of technological equipment for making gingerbread

    Before buying a line, check the technical parameters of the machines. The selection criteria include:

    ● performance;

    ● weight of products;

    ● the number of dough pieces in a row;

    ● the area occupied by the equipment;

    ● the number of service personnel;

    ● consumption of electricity and gas.

    GourmetBack is a reliable manufacturer of food processing equipment

    The company has been manufacturing machine tools and lines for 20 years. The extensive experience and a team of experienced professionals guarantee production of functional and reliable equipment. The advantages of GourmetBack production include:

    ● adequate price for high-quality machines;

    ● the whole range of works: from the project to the installation;

    ● use quality materials in production;

    ● warranty and service;

    ● execution of orders on time;

    ● delivery to any locality in Ukraine;

    ● the ability to order a line of the required configuration.

    GourmetBack manufactures machines and technological units for the confectionery industry with due account of the up-to-date requirements and recipes. Order lines and get a guaranteed increase in the output and quality improvement.