Shortbread line

The assortment of desserts for tea on the market brings a lot of delight to the people having a sweet tooth with their variety. Shortbread cookies are quite popular. It has a long shelf life and consequently its best-before period is also increased. The entire volume of the manufactured products cannot be made manually. The shortbread lines are used for the production of shortbread cookies. They simplify the flow process due to their high manufacturability.

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    Photo Gallery Shortbread line

    Dough preparation process using shortbread production line

    The required dough indicators are achieved using:

    ● Condition of flour. Any type of dough is made of the flour of the highest or first grade with an average amount of gluten.

    ● Technological indicators of emulsion and dough, which depend on the recipe content of sugar and fat.

    ● Preparation of emulsion. To prepare the shortcrust pastry, batch dosing is used. Mixing the components takes about 20 minutes until the powdered sugar is completely dissolved and the fat is dispersed (grinding to an emulsion).

    ● Kneading machine, which should provide fast mixing to get the shortcrust pastry.

    Before its preparing, the raw materials are sieved, filtered and softened. Margarine and sugar are put into the kneading machine and are beaten until a fluffy homogeneous mass is obtained and then gradually add water, baking powder and eggs. At medium machine speeds, the flour is added and mixed until a soft mass is formed. The kneaded dough is divided into pieces and formed into a rectangle using a rolling pin. A pastry bag with different attachments is used for certain types of cookies. The surface of the dough is sprinkled with nuts or granulated sugar. Before baking, the baking chamber is moistened for the best quality of the semi-finished product. The finished biscuits have outwardly a golden hue , as well as a sweetish aroma and taste inside.

    GourmetBack is a leader in the production of the machines on the domestic market

    GourmetBack has been manufacturing equipment for the confectionery industry in Ukraine for over 20 years. The machines used are classified according to the following types:

    ● a sizing device facilitates the release of dough of various thicknesses;

    ● the dispenser distributes the filling in batches or continuously;

    ● drip humidifier applies liquid topping to the dough tape;

    ● the guillotine cuts the dough into portions so that the products are of the same weight and size;

    ● a sprinkler applies raisins, nuts and other sprinkles to baked goods to give them an unusual taste.

    Additionally, the confectionery lines can be equipped with:

    ● a trolley, which is designed for storage of the finished products and their transportation to the refrigeration room;

    ● a unit for automatic stacking of trays for quick placing of sheets of the finished product for further processing;

    ● a device for collecting dough waste.

    GourmetBack is a manufacturer of customized equipment for factories and workshops. The warranty and post-warranty service include repair and adjustment of the machines. In addition to manufacturing the equipment, the company is engaged in various types of metal work, as well as vehicle rental. GourmetBack employees are professionals with extensive experience. The production of confectionery machines is carried out with high quality and on time. You can buy production equipment at an inexpensive price on the company’s website. If necessary, you can arrange its delivery and installation in Kyiv and across Ukraine. Having made an order from GourmetBack company, you will be convinced of an individual approach to each client and the high-quality of the machines for confectionery production.