Waffle line

One cannot do without technology, which ensures a continuous process of dough preparation, baking and formation of the finished product under the conditions of producing large volumes of flour products. A modernized waffle line allows you to speed up and simplify production of sweets, reducing the consumption of human and material resources. You can order modern equipment, which combines reliability and reasonable cost, at GourmetBack. Specializing in the production of equipment for confectionery enterprises, we guarantee the improvement of the quality of confectionery products and the optimization of technological processes.

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    Machines as part of the waffle line

    The formula, the taste of delicacies and fillings and the originality of the form depends on the machines used in the manufacture. You can order the following equipment from GourmetBack:

    ● Mixer. The machine is used to knead a homogeneous wafer dough with automatic feeding into one or several ovens. For this, the design assumes the availability of an appropriate machine, pumps for moving the material and connecting pipes. The dough mixer is optionally available with flour and water dispensers.

    ● Automatic wafer sheet baking machine. One of the main units of the production line with plates on which the dough is poured. The wafer sheets are baked at the set temperature within the selected period of time. The thin hot plates are removed and carefully transferred to the next technological unit with the help of a special device.

    ● Cooling and stabilization cabinet. It is the equipment which the semi-finished product gets into after baking. The cooling cabinet acts as a storage for wafer sheets, where they cool down before moving on to the next process stage. Stabilization involves the removing of the excess moisture from the future confectionery product.

    ● Machine for preparation and application of filling. The cream mass is evenly distributed over the surface of the sheets using lubricating mechanisms of a special mixer. In this case, you can adjust the number of layers of wafers and filling and the thickness of the latter. The machine folds the coated sheets and holds them together.

    ● Cutting machine. After passing through the cooling channel, the finished product enters the compartment with steel knives or a sharp string. There, the chilled cream blocks are cut into individual products for further packaging.

    Why to buy a waffle line from GourmetBack

    Our company is not just a proven supplier in Ukraine, but a manufacturer of professional equipment for confectionery enterprises with 20 years of experience. The specialists of the design department develop and model industrial machines with due account of the specifics of the client’s business, offering the non-standard solutions. In addition, it is possible to manufacture the process lines according to individual drawings. The equipment is produced of  high-quality stainless steel and at an affordable price.

    GourmetBack offers delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment. If necessary, the training of the operating personnel can be also offered. Cooperation with the customers continues after the installation of the machines during the warranty and post-warranty service. To order a line for waffles, leave a request on the website and wait for the manager’s call to clarify the details. The purchase of the GourmetBack equipment is an investment in increasing the company’s profits and optimizing its technological processes.