Metal cutting

Laser cutting
Cutting metal is necessary to create structures, parts and other objects. Machine tools and laser are used for sheet processing. The second method is faster and more accurate, using this method it is easy to get a workpiece with a complex shape. Laser cutting of metals is popular, as it allows you to cut sheets of non-ferrous alloys, structural and stainless steel. GourmetBack offers cutting-edge solutions for metalworking at a reasonable price per meter.
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Plasma cutting
The use of plasma in sheet metal processing enables the precise lines to be produced at high speeds. This type of cutting has a number of advantages, for example, there are no restrictions on the metal thickness, it is possible to process the non-ferrous alloys, and also this technology causes minimal harm to the environment. Plasma metal cutting is a popular type of processing; you can order such a service in Kyiv and Ukraine from GourmetBack. The company has been operating in the field for over 20 years, which means that the experience of the specialists is huge.
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Metalworking is a complex of processes used in mechanical engineering and manufacturing of steel structures and other industrial elements. Cutting of sheets is carried out on mechanical machines, laser, and also with the help of a guillotine. The device is a scissors, with their help, the sheet is cut in a roll and sheets, in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Cutting of metal with a guillotine is in demand in many industries. Steel of different grades is processed on the machines. GourmetBack is represented by highly qualified sheet cutting specialists in Ukraine, as well as a reliable manufacturer of aggregates.
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Band saw blade cutting
Band saw cutting of metal is a mechanical method of cutting the workpieces, which is widely used for private and industrial purposes. This technology makes it possible to process both shapes and workpieces with a solid section, regardless of the rigidity of the material. The use of modern machines makes it possible to cut not only along, but also at an angle. The technique is simple, reliable and cost-effective; finished products do not require additional processing. You can order band saw cutting services at GourmetBack.
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Delivery of metal cutting services in Ukraine

GourmetBack is a team of the experienced specialists who have the up-to-date metalworking equipment. Including. You can also order metal cutting by a template from GourmetBack in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. The use of the proven technology guarantees the highest quality of the finished product with next to zero amount of waste.

Metal cutting: areas of application

Sheet metal cutting services are in demand in various areas of production. From furniture to complex frames and equipment – we will prepare sheet metal blanks, and also, we will carry out their processing, proceeding from the requirements of your business. Finished product may, in general, differ in shape and size, but our machines allow us to perform metal marking-out and its further cutting with the highest accuracy.

If necessary, you can always use the services of our design office. The experienced engineers will develop drawings coming out of customer wishes and needs. You will get reasonable cost and the highest quality of work. The strict compliance with the deadlines is one of our main principles. Turning to GourmetBack, you can rely on the responsible attitude of our experts. Thanks to that approach, the customers can significantly optimize all manufacturing processes and reduce the probability of product rejection.

Detailed information on services

Metal cutting is the process of scribing the surface of a sheet or any other work piece for the purpose of further formation of the component parts. During processing, we use four cutting techniques:

  • plasma cutting – the advantages of this technique of cutting include the ability to create sheet blanks of almost any shape, environmental safety and high speed of work performance;
  • band saw cutting – this cutting technique is quite cheap, no further grinding is required, but shaped elements cannot be created;
  • guillotine – the simplest and the most economical way of cutting, but the possibilities of this technique are limited by the direct cutting;
  • laser cutting is distinguished by high productivity and allows to make components of complex configuration and an ideal price/quality ratio.

Ordering metal cutting in GourmetBack, get the affordable prices, prompt order performance and delivery of finished product throughout Ukraine. We are ready for long-term cooperation. The high quality of the work is our main advantage!

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