Band saw blade cutting

Band saw cutting of metal is a mechanical method of cutting the workpieces, which is widely used for private and industrial purposes. This technology makes it possible to process both shapes and workpieces with a solid section, regardless of the rigidity of the material. The use of modern machines makes it possible to cut not only along, but also at an angle. The technique is simple, reliable and cost-effective; finished products do not require additional processing. You can order band saw cutting services at GourmetBack.


Photogallery Band saw blade cutting

Technology specifics

The workpieces are processed using a special band saw machine. The main working tool of such equipment is a saw. The sharpened teeth allow you to cut at any angle. The high-speed movement of the saw guarantees high-quality processing, without burrs or chipping.

Metal cutting with a band saw machine is suitable for working with:

● corners;

● channel bars;

● beams;

● pipe rolling;

● workpieces with solid section, etc.

The reliable cutting tool will handle any material of any hardness without any problems: from aluminum to steel. Processing is automatic. This allows you to achieve the ideal parameters of the  finished products. The company’s specialists use modern equipment, which guarantees the quality of the products. In addition to cutting on band saw machines at the factory, you can order other metalworking services. The GourmetBack team will cope with any task.

Benefits of band saw cutting

The main reasons for ordering cutting on the machines with a band saw:

● Increased precision. The permissible deviation of the cut reaches 0.1 mm. The geometric tilt precision is within 0.5 mm. Thanks to this, almost any structure and detail can be produced.

● Cost effective. The narrow saw kerf ensures minimum waste. This makes the band sawing a financially profitable solution.

● Lack of temperature impact. The workpiece does not heat up during the manufacturing process. This eliminates the probability of deformations, and there is also no flank hardening effect.

● High quality processing. After the completion of the work, the surface is perfectly flat, without scratches and chips. No additional machining is required. The use of machines with a band saw is distinguished by their versatility. The technology allows cutting almost any alloys, as well as processing the workpieces of various shapes and thicknesses.

Features of cooperation

The GourmetBack plant is a combination of over 20 years of experience, skilled specialists, and smart metalworking equipment. When ordering band saw cutting from our company, the customers will receive the following benefits:

● Delivery across Ukraine. Factory employees will send the order to any city in the country. Well-developed logistics is a guarantee that the customers will not have to wait long.

● Affordable cost of services. The price of a band saw is quite low. At the same time, the company offers additional discounts to regular customers.

● Completion of turnkey orders. We offer a full range of services for the processing of metal products: from project creation to finishing, polishing and painting. Our own design office allows us to develop unique solutions for each client. The GourmetBack company offers professional band saw cutting. By contacting us, the customers can count on timely and high-quality performance of metalworking jobs.

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