Metalworking is a complex of processes used in mechanical engineering and manufacturing of steel structures and other industrial elements. Cutting of sheets is carried out on mechanical machines, laser, and also with the help of a guillotine. The device is a scissors, with their help, the sheet is cut in a roll and sheets, in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Cutting of metal with a guillotine is in demand in many industries. Steel of different grades is processed on the machines. GourmetBack is represented by highly qualified sheet cutting specialists in Ukraine, as well as a reliable manufacturer of aggregates.


Photogallery Guillotine

Important machine characteristics

Guillotines are used for large-, medium- and small-scale production, the prices for the aggregates depend on their parameters.

Main characteristics of the equipment:

1. Power. The parameter is determined depending on the future use of the machine and the desired productivity. For small-scale production, the machines with low power are suitable, for large plants it is worth choosing the units with a high indicator of this characteristic.

2. Sheet size. This characteristic determines the maximum dimensions of the metal that can be processed at a time. For processing wide and long sheets, the maximum equipment dimensions must be appropriate.

3. The thickness of the metal. It is impossible to cut a sheet if its dimensions exceed the standards set by the manufacturer. Scissors will not cut thicker metal than specified in the instructions.

4. Vibration resistance and noise. The absence of vibrations has a positive effect on the accuracy of the frame, as well as on the safety of work. Modern guillotine models are practically silent, which reduces the workload on the specialists working with the machines.

Guillotine drives can be:

● manual – in demand for small-scale production, easy to maintain and operate;

● electromechanical – operated with a foot pedal, equipped with operator finger protection and table markings;

● hydraulic – with increased vibration resistance and low noise level, important for cutting thick sheets.

Functionality is an important parameter. At large enterprises, they use models with an adjustable angle and bend, protection of the fingers of the machine operator, and a layout of the working table. The optional tools provide comfortable control, which increases the speed and quality of metalworking. Modern models are equipped with CNC systems, which significantly increase productivity.

GourmetBack – profitable metalworking offers in Kyiv

The guillotine is an expensive machine. Such equipment is worth buying in cases where metal cutting is needed constantly. For one cut, it is better to order a processing service. It will be faster, cheaper and more reliable, because the work will be done by the professionals. GourmetBack is a tandem of modern machines and specialists with 20 years of experience. The company offers various methods of cutting and chopping metals, including the use of a guillotine.

For factories and industrial enterprises, there are favorable offers for the purchase of the equipment. GourmetBack company is a machine manufacturing expert and you will definitely find a suitable option in the catalog. Among the activities of the company there are rental of special equipment, manufacture of metal structures and industrial equipment for confectionery lines. The managers will advise you on the cost of services and goods. By contacting GourmetBack, you choose high-quality metalworking and strict observation of the deadlines.

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