Plasma cutting

The use of plasma in sheet metal processing enables the precise lines to be produced at high speeds. This type of cutting has a number of advantages, for example, there are no restrictions on the metal thickness, it is possible to process the non-ferrous alloys, and also this technology causes minimal harm to the environment. Plasma metal cutting is a popular type of processing; you can order such a service in Kyiv and Ukraine from GourmetBack. The company has been operating in the field for over 20 years, which means that the experience of the specialists is huge.


Photogallery Plasma cutting

Features and benefits of the progressive cutting method

Plasma is a high-pressure gas with added current. The arc temperature is up to 22,000 degrees, thanks to which the metal sheet is quickly cut. Nitrogen, oxygen, ozone and even air are used to create an electric arc. Components of plasma metal cutting system:

● energy supply;

● ignition circuit;

● plasmatron.

The first component is needed to convert AC to DC to maintain a stable arc. Thanks to the power supply, the voltage can be regulated. In the ignition circuit, a current of 5000 V is generated with a frequency of 2 MHz. This is necessary to create a spark in the plasmatron. The last component levels and cools the materials used. This system makes it possible to simultaneously open the sheets and blow off the remnants of alloys from the cut line. You can order cheap plasma treatment of steel from GourmetBack

Technology advantages:

● high arc precision;

● high treatment speed;● the ability to cut out any figures and shapes;

● deformation of the workpiece is excluded;

● absence of mechanical damage to the sheet;

● the ability to process the non-ferrous alloys;

● low cost of processing;

● large size of working surfaces;

● minimal harm to the environment;

● clear repeatability of products.

Plasma metal cutting is a versatile and environmentally friendly technology, suitable for all grades of steel. Such a processing system is widely used in various industries, because with its help it is easy to obtain the component parts of different shape, size and complexity. You can order the service from  GourmetBack, the company having a professional approach to solving problems of each client.

Why choose GourmetBack

The company has been working on the Ukrainian market for 20 years, which guarantees the high-quality execution of the order in a clearly set deadline. GourmetBack has modern metalworking equipment; the sheets of any complexity, shape and size can be cut. The company’s specialists with extensive experience offer an integrated approach to cutting the workpieces and subsequent manipulations. You can find out the pricing for plasma treatment from the managers, they will advise you on the price of services.

In addition to this technology for cutting sheets, there is laser cutting, guillotine cutting and machine tools. Metalworking is one of the company’s activities. Areas of work of GourmetBack:

● services for renting special equipment;

● manufacture of the equipment for industrial confectionery lines;

● design department;

● manufacture of metal structures according to individual parameters;

● creation of art objects and furniture of steel;

● repair of construction machinery and equipment.

GourmetBack is a godsend for industrial entrepreneurs, because all the necessary services are collected in one company. You will get the affordable prices and high quality for cutting alloys and other services. Calling our specialists, you are guaranteed to get a professional approach to solving your problems.

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