Metal furniture for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars (HoReCa)

For the successful operation of hotels, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and other institutions of the ferret, the decoration of premises plays a huge role. All furniture must be of high quality, reliable, practical, durable and stylish. We are talking about arranging both the main halls where visitors are received, as well as utility and utility rooms. Metal furniture for HoReCa will be a good way to beautifully and effectively design an institution. Models are characterized by maximum durability, which saves the customer money. In addition, designer steel products look stylish, making them a good choice for arranging original interiors.

Manufacture of metal furniture for HoReCa with the delivery throughout Ukraine

GourmetBack production is a group of professionals in the field of metalworking and steel structure manufacturing. Furniture for HoReCa complies with the current norms and standards, which guarantees its reliability and durability. GourmetBack offers inexpensive products from the manufacturer. This solution has several advantages:

● affordable cost – buying furniture from us, you do not have to overpay the intermediaries;

● maximum reliability – all services are performed at GourmetBack factories under the strict supervision of engineers with many years of experience;

● individual approach – the specialists of the GourmetBack Design Bureau will develop the optimal solution for your institution, the finished products can be of any shape, size, design and color.

More than 20 years of successful work in the metalworking market, the availability of all necessary licenses and certificates, as well as the reputation of a reliable partner – all this confirms professionalism and responsibility of GourmetBack.

The assortment of metal furniture for HoReCa

Here you can order all types of furniture for HoReCa public places:

● tables, chairs and supports for them;

● table supports;

● kitchen worktops;

● thumbs;

● coat stands and corners;

● cabinets, etc.

GourmetBack cooperates with all HoReCa public places. The qualified specialists will help to implement any design ideas!

Features and advantages of metal furniture for HoReCa

Most recently, metal furniture for HoReCa has become very popular. And this is not only about the arrangement of the kitchen, pantry and other utility rooms. Thanks to modern trends in interior design, steel elements look very beautiful and elegant in the design of the main rooms. Elegant models with sparkling surfaces are an indispensable complement to the loft, hi-tech, modern and other styles. With the help of metal elements, you can add to your place the additional charm and elegance that will attract new customers.

Other advantages of metal furniture for HoReCa include:

● Practicality. Stainless steel does not absorb odors, it is not afraid of moisture and chemicals. Such surfaces are well washed, thanks to polishing, even sufficiently strong scratches can be eliminated.

● Durability. The service life of the products reaches several decades. It is almost impossible to bend or break such structures.

● Ecological cleanliness. Surfaces are not chemically treated so that toxic elements are not released into the air during heating.

● Versatility. Metal furniture can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Gourmetback metal furniture for HoReCa is the highest quality of finished products. Prices are fully consistent with the reliability of designs. Additional discounts apply to regular customers. You can place your order online or by phone. The delivery service will bring your product to any corner of Kyiv and Ukraine.