Industrial metal furniture

High-quality industrial metal furniture can significantly simplify the implementation of locksmith, carpentry and electrical work. With its help, you can equip workshops, car services, garages and manufactory. A well-designed workplace has a positive effect on labor productivity and also reduces the risk of injury. Gurmetbek Plant offers to order workbenches, machine tables, cabinets, tool trolleys and other products with delivery in Ukraine. The presence of our own production allows us to guarantee the high quality of goods, as well as the possibility of manufacturing any products.

Production of industrial metal furniture

GourmetBack offers industrial metal furniture from the direct manufacturer. Our company is a team of professionals with extensive experience and modern technical base. GourmetBack is ready to help with any problem: from arranging a workshop to solving the problems regarding the storage of important documentation.

We have modern equipment for metal processing at our disposal, which allows us to make products with any characteristics. The use of CNC machines guarantees full compliance of furniture with the developed drawings. The employees use only the  high-quality stainless steel and accessories, and thanks to this, GourmetBack  products are reliable and have a long service life.

What do we offer?

You can buy all kinds of industrial metal furniture from GourmetBack , including:

● tool cabinets and cabinets;

● locksmith and carpentry workbenches;

● fire cabinets;

● welding tables;

● shelf and tool carts;

● containers for storing fluorescent lamps, etc.

GourmetBack are ready to fulfill any customer’s order. Own design office allows us to develop solutions that can be ideal for your business. The design and dimensions of the models can be any, based on the production characteristics. Also, the client can send the ready-made drawings for the manufacture of certain products.

Features and advantages of industrial metal furniture

Metal is the best choice for the production of industrial furniture. Its advantages include:

● Practicality. Metal models retain their properties during assembly and disassembly. In the event of relocation, such structures will not become unusable.

● Long service life. The period of operation is up to 30 years and even more. The metal is not afraid of moisture, high and low temperatures, it is resistant to mechanical stress.

● Functionality. Designs can withstand heavy weight, so the cabinets are as capacious as possible. The use of high-quality fittings guarantees thousands of cycles of opening and closing the doors. Metal workbenches are suitable for use even in aggressive conditions.

● Attractive appearance. Models can be painted in any color. Finished products harmoniously fit into the overall design, a special powder coating provides scratch resistance.

● Ecological cleanliness. The material does not release toxins into the air.

Features of cooperation

If you want to buy metal furniture at reasonable price, the GourmetBack production will be the best solution to this problem. You do not overpay the intermediaries, so the cost of finished products will be the lowest. In addition to affordable prices, the customers can count on:

● guarantee for all goods;

● prompt execution of orders;

● discounts for regular customers;

● Delivery to Kyiv and other cities of the country. You can place an order online, as well as by contacting our manager by phone.

Buying industrial metal furniture from GourmetBack, you’ll get reliable and durable products designed specifically for your business!

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