Metal furniture in LOFT style

Metal furniture loft made a real revolution in the world of fashion and interior design. Previously, steel structures were used exclusively in industry. But modern trends have shown that simple and functional metal products will look great not only in the workshop, but also in a residential building or apartment. Due to laconic forms, rough textures and natural materials, steel models are in great demand.

Manufacture of loft-style metal furniture

The company specializes in metalworking and manufacturing of steel structures, including the designer furniture. At GourmetBack you can order inexpensive products of any type:

● cabinets;

● tables;

● shelves;

● racks;


● beds;

● dressers, etc.

You can get acquainted with the company’s products in the company’s product catalog. In addition to standard solutions, GourmetBack is always ready to create the original furniture models. Designers will prepare drawings and sketches based on the wishes and preferences of the customer. The loft-style finish ed products fit perfectly into the room in size and design.

GourmetBack production is more than 20 years of successful work in the metalworking market. The modern technical base allows us to produce reliable and durable furniture that fully complies with the current norms and standards. An individual approach is not just simple words for GourmetBack. The reputation of  trusted and responsible partner is the main reason for GourmetBack’s pride.

Benefits of loft-style metal furniture

Loft style features are a combination of industrial-urban interiors, practicality and open spaces. The decor is dominated by its industrial elements such as unfinished bricks, exposed beams and pipes, cement floors, etc. The metal furniture that you can buy from GourmetBack looks as organically as possible in this design.

The advantages of metal products include:

● Functionality. Models are used to place and store various things, work, sleep and rest. Also, the furniture in the loft style allows you to divide the room into different zones, which is very important in an open plan.

● Ecological cleanliness. Modern designers oppose the use of chipboard and plastic for furniture production, promoting the use of only natural materials.

● Attractive design. Chrome headsets, cabinets, shelves, etc. look very modern. Prices are quite low, while the overall design looks expensive and presentable.

● Easy to clean. Practicality is the main principle of modern design. Metal surfaces do not require special care. It is enough to wipe them periodically, and polishing will return the metal to its original shine.

All models are made of high-quality materials using reliable fittings. This ensures their long life. The clients themselves can choose the dimensions and color.

GourmetBack: custom metal loft-style furniture

A client who decides to buy metal furniture from GourmetBack will receive the following benefits:

● online consultations regarding the selection of suitable interior elements;

● delivery of orders in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine;

● affordable cost of goods and discounts for regular customers.

Gourmetbek is not just inexpensive loft-style metal furniture to order. The company’s specialists develop unique solutions for each client, so the finished interior design will stand out for its functionality and attractive appearance!