Medical metal furniture

Medical metal furniture is useful for arranging pharmacies, beauty salons, massage rooms and clinics. High-quality design of medical, health and preventive institutions simplifies the work of staff and increases customer comfort. GourmetBack production is an opportunity to order metal furniture, which will fully comply with the functionality and dimensions of the features of your institution.

Manufacture of medical metal furniture

GourmetBack production is a combination of more than 20 years of experience and a modern technical base. The company’s employees use only high-quality materials and fittings. The factory knows how to solve the problem of arranging medical facilities as quickly and efficiently as possible. In GourmetBack, you can buy metal products of any type at an affordable price, including:

● equipment for hand disinfection;

● carts and tables;

● beds, armchairs, chairs and couches;

● tripods;

● wall-mounted first-aid kits;

● cabinets for storing tools and equipment;

● tables for surgical dressings;

● desks for doctors, etc.

Gourmetback is a direct manufacturer. With the help of company’s engineers, you can solve any problem as to the size and functional features of future products. The designers will develop drawings based on the needs of your institution. Ready-made furniture for medical institutions will fully comply with the wishes of the customer and state regulations. At the same time, GourmetBack specialists are responsible for the quality and reliability of all products.

Specifics and advantages of metal furniture from GourmetBack

All medical metal furniture meets domestic and international quality standards. GourmetBack products have several significant advantages:

● hypoallergenicity – the use of safe materials ensures that contact with the surfaces does not lead to skin irritation;

● strength – products and surfaces are not afraid of mechanical damage, moisture and various chemicals, as well as the temperature drop;

● easy to operate – it is easy to care for metal, while surfaces can be treated with various disinfectants;

● convenience and functionality – metal furniture is very practical, it is often equipped with the wheels for ease of transportation, the competent design of products greatly simplifies their use.

GourmetBack is a leading manufacturer of medical furniture in Ukraine

The customers receive a number of advantages with GourmetBack products:

● Quality assurance on goods. The whole range of metalworking is carried out at the company’s factory, therefore, only we are responsible for the quality and durability of the manufactured products.

● Prompt execution of orders. The company’s specialists strictly follow the signed contracts. Cooperation with GourmetBack is an opportunity not to doubt that the delivery will be carried out exactly at a set date.

● Affordable product prices. You buy products from the manufacturer, which guarantees affordable cost and high-quality goods. Dealing with GourmetBack, the clients do not overpay the intermediaries. At the same time, the regular customers can count on additional discounts.

the employees of the company will deliver products to Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine. To place an order, contact the consultant online or by phone. GourmetBack is high-quality and inexpensive medical metal furniture. The company highly appreciates their customers, and the reputation of a reliable and responsible partner is the most important asset of the company.

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