Trading metal furniture

Metal furniture for retail space is one of the key design elements for shops, supermarkets, boutiques and other establishments associated with the sale of goods. Stands, racks, cash registers, show-windows, etc. allow you to present products in the most favorable light, familiarize the customers with the product range, felicitate the calculation process and solve a number of other important tasks. In addition, such elements are a harmonious addition to the overall design of the retail space. We offer to order metal furniture made according to your drawings. With GourmetBack you can count on the highest quality of products, as well as the affordable cost of goods.

Features of production of metal furniture for retail space

GourmetBack is a leading manufacturer of metal structures and equipment in Ukraine. Among the product assortment of the company is the furniture for shops of various types. During production, only high-quality stainless steel is used, which guarantees the durability and reliability of the finished products. Modern technology allows us to produce models of any shape and size.

Experienced specialists from the design office will develop unique drawings, having studied the characteristics of the client’s space. Thanks to this, metal furniture is ideal for a design store, will speed up the service process and solve other problems. The client can also provide drawings according to which the finished product will be quickly and accurately produced.

What are they doing at GourmetBack?

If you are interested in metal products from the direct manufacturer, any design for your business can be implemented at GourmetBack:

● racks (single and composite, reinforced and ordinary, universal and specialized);

● carts and baskets of different capacities;

● shop windows;

● counters and cash boxes;

● reception desks, etc.

The main advantage of GourmetBack is an individual approach to each client. The employees of the company do not just fulfill the order, but do all their best so that the inexpensive furniture could really help to improve the efficiency and attractiveness of your business. Dozens of positive reviews and the reputation of GourmetBack as one of the best manufacturers of metal structures in Ukraine is the main reason to cooperate with the company.

Advantages of metal furniture for retail space

Various materials can be used to produce furniture for shops, but it is the metal that will be the most optimal solution for the following reasons:

● Hypoallergenicity. Such models do not absorb odors and do not emit toxins. Contact with the metal surfaces does not lead to a defect in goods.

● Increased strength. Steel products can withstand heavy weight. Due to this, you can place a lot of products on such shelves and racks. In addition, the metal perfectly resists mechanical stress.

● Stylish design. At the request of the customer, the surface can be painted in any color. If you put the logo of your brand on the products, they will serve as additional advertising.

● Possibility of multiple assembly-disassembly. If necessary, the structures can be dismantled, and then moved to another place. This enhances their functionality.

With proper care, metal furniture for retail space will serve well for a long period. Especially, if you work with a trusted manufacturer. GourmetBack customers get a number of benefits:

● reasonable prices;

● delivery of goods to Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine;

● free online advice on choosing the best equipment for the store;

● quality assurance and after-sales service.

GourmetBack is an opportunity to buy metal furniture designed specifically for the needs of your retail space!