Turning works
Engineering and metalworking are the industrial sectors that use cylindrical, round and conical shapes of items. To manufacture them, the lathe work is carried out on special equipment of a universal type and CNC equipment. The workpieces of chisel and structural steels, cast iron, aluminum, brass, and alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be processed using this equipment. The lathe work in Kyiv of any complexity is performed by the GourmetBack company. A team of experienced professionals uses a comprehensive individual approach, guaranteeing precision of parameters and efficiency of the product.
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Milling works
Metal parts, mechanism elements and structures are produced using milling. The plane of the iron workpiece receives the necessary shape and texture using a cutting tool with rotating blades, edges and teeth. GourmetBack provides milling services for private and corporate clients. Experienced craftsmen using modern equipment precisely and professionally perform diverse milling jobs. Computerized machines are designed to create grooves, recesses, flats, shaping, cutting of inclined or even sheets.
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Gear cutting
Tooth-cutting is performed to create tooth wheels and gears. GourmetBack production is engaged in metalworking, including the formation of elements of this type. Experienced specialists work on high-precision modern machines of a wide profile. The services include cutting conical parts, spline joints, worm gears and other necessary elements at the request of the client. High technical characteristics of the equipment allow the ultra-precise and fast manufacturing of the parts of any complexity and size.
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Planer works
Planing is one of the stages of processing metal items. In the process of grinding, several layers are removed from the sheet, as a result, a smooth surface is obtained, which is ready for subsequent manipulations. Planing metal jobs are performed on special machines. There are two types of such machines: transverse and longitudinal. The type of tool depends on the workpiece. The price of the machines in Ukraine is high, the one-time metal processing is cheaper if to order it from GourmetBack specialists. Its production has been working in this direction for more than 20 years. Its professionals will do the job of any complexity at a set date.
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Shaper works
Metal slotting is widely used for making holes and creating slot grooves. Thanks to these services, we can get high-precision components and finished product that are widely used in the field of engineering and other industries. Slotting work allows us to make a durable element without exposing the workpiece to the unnecessary impacts. The cost of services is not high, and the use of modern CNC machines makes it possible to perform the parts of complex configurations. You can order slotting works from GourmetBack production in Kyiv and Ukraine.
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Grinding works
Professional grinding of metal allows to finish processing of the items and workpieces. The result is a perfectly flat surface without any roughness. Grinding makes it possible to obtain finished items and components that perfectly match the size and shape of the specified parameters. GourmetBack production offers a full range of services for processing of metal structures. The use of modern equipment and reliable materials, as well as many years of experience guarantee high-quality metal grinding in Kyiv and Ukraine.
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Welding works
Сварка металла — неотъемлемая часть создания конструкций. Соединение элементов каркаса, механизма или другого объекта требуется на первом этапе производства, затем проводится зачистка и другие виды обработки заготовок. Различные виды сварок применяются для создания мебели, навесов, ограждений и прочих объектов, которые каждый день встречаются в повседневной жизни. В Киеве заказать изготовление металлоконструкций можно в компании GourmetBack, использующей прогрессивные технологии обработки сталей и сплавов.
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NC metal and plastic machining
High-tech programmable equipment is designed for the manufacture of parts and structures of ideal shape and size. The jobs result in maximum productivity and fulfillment in the shortest possible time. CNC metalwork eliminates the occurrence of defective parts and discrepancies with the specified technical characteristics that sometimes occur when using hand-operated machines. GourmetBack provides fast manufacturing of the workpieces with software quality assurance.
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Metal structures are popular in many industries due to their usefulness, wear resistance and durability. To fasten sheets of alloys between themselves and other parts, we need holes, they are obtained by drilling. This method of metal processing is in demand due to the variety of cutouts. They can be of the correct geometric shape or multifaceted, which allows to get the product in compliance with the technical requirements. You can order drilling of holes in metal in Kyiv from GourmetBack, a company with more than 20 years of experience.
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Metal bending is the most common technology of the workpiece deformation. As a result, a spatial product of any complexity can be made of a flat element. Thanks to the bending of metal sheets, pipes and fittings, we can get specific components and finished products. The parts are very strong and durable, without joints and welding, and the use of high-precision machines ensures strict adherence to the coordinates. GourmetBack production offers a full range of metalworking services. In addition to bending sheet metal, the company can also offer cutting, laser cutting, rolling and other works.
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Roll forging of sheet metal allows you to create mill products with a round, oval, cone-shaped or semicircular section. Finished pipes, arches, barrels, rings, canopies are strong, reliable and durable. Modern technologies make it possible to produce designs of any diameter and thickness, as well as process various materials (stainless or galvanized steel, aluminum, etc.). You can order rolling services from GourmetBack. Many years of experience and modern machines allow the company to produce high-quality products, as well as become engaged in their further processing (cutting, stamping, painting, etc.).
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Metal stamping or pressing is one of the most advanced technologies of producing components of various shape and size. Pressure treatment makes it possible to produce large batches of items or other workpieces of sheet metal. Finished products are in great demand in various industries due to their maximum precision of performance. Pressing services are essential for the companies that require a large number of similar items, parts or workpieces. In GourmetBack you can order all jobs related to metal stamping: from the creation of the design to the release of products according to individual parameters.
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Sand- and shot-blasting metal working
Sandblasting allows to clean any surface from rust, scale, carbon deposits and various contaminants. This technology is suitable for working with metal, wood, plastic, glass and other materials. Sandblasting allows both surface and deep cleaning. Due to its versatility, the technique is widely used in the processing of car bodies, trailers, concrete mixers, crafts and boats, gates, various parts, wheel disks, etc. You can order sandblasting from GourmetBack. 20 years of experience in working with metal structures guarantees high quality of the provided services.
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Powder painting
Порошковая покраска металла — это возможность защитить элементы от коррозии, а также существенно повысить их презентабельность. Технология отличается универсальностью, оперативностью выполнения работ, длительным сроком эксплуатации готовых конструкций и доступной стоимостью. Такие изделия широко используются в разных сферах промышленности и в быту. Обработка поверхностей порошком актуальна как для новых, так и проржавевших конструкций из металла. Доверить покрасочные работы вы можете специалистам GourmetBack — мастера компании вернут вещам былую привлекательность и защитят новые изделия от преждевременного износа.
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Spray gun painting
Painting of metal surfaces is an indispensable stage in the repair jobs and production of new structures. The protective layer prevents corrosion and premature wear, and also increases the aesthetic appeal of products. One of the simplest, most economical and effective methods is metal spray painting. The technology is ideal for machining the items of complex configurations. The technique is widely used in construction, manufacturing and repairs. You can order painting of metal structures of any type with a paint sprayer from GourmetBack.
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In electrical engineering, metallurgy, aviation and textile industries, it is important to ensure a long service life of spare parts and protect them from wear. For this, we use the metallization technology for processing component parts, which is also suitable for products made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials. The coating is applied to the prepared surface regardless of its shape. Metallization services are provided by GourmetBack, a company with 20 years of experience. A team of professionals fulfills orders of any complexity, offering high-quality and prompt results.
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Heat treating
Metal heat treatment is the action aimed at changing the properties of materials, improving certain indicators or modifying their structure. Any impact occurs under the influence of high temperatures. Heat treatment is needed in many industries, since the materials with certain characteristics are used for different purposes. It is very difficult to radically change the properties of an alloy on your own without special equipment and knowledge. GourmetBack offers metal heat treatment services. The company has been professionally working for more than 20 years, this is a huge experience of specialists, which means that the order will be executed in excellent quality.
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Professional metalworking

Thanks to metalworking it is possible to change the form, the size and the quality of metals and their alloys. Such services are in demand in various fields: from the construction sphere to the production of equipment.

You cannot just buy the preformed units and structures from our company, but to order a complex of the services connected with metalworking. All works are performed in one shop and our clients receive the whole complex of works with the required structures and units. We also have our own design bureau, where the engineers will develop unique drawings that meet the wishes of the customer.

Types of metalworking

GourmetBack renders all range of metal works:

  • cutting – giving the workpieces the desired shape by dividing the product into individual elements;
  • bending – processing of a sheet through stretching of an external and compression of an internal layer that allows to receive the seamless elements;
  • welding – connection of two elements in a uniform part and thanks to further heat treatment the durability of a final product increases;
  • perforation – such impact assumes making the through-holes with the required parameters in metal pieces;
  • painting – a special coating improves the aesthetic properties of the element and increases its resistance to the environmental factor.

GourmetBack performs turning, milling, gear cutting, planing, grooving and grinding work. We are engaged in rolling and pressing of the work pieces, as well as provide other services related to metalworking.

Terms of cooperation

If you need metalworking services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, GourmetBack will be the best solution to the problem. The up-to-date production facilities and more than 20 years of experience are a guarantee of high-level work. We offer the affordable prices for the customers and the products are covered by the warranty. By contacting GurmetBack, you will receive your order fulfilled strictly in accordance with the stated requirements and exactly within the agreed period of time. At the same time, there is a possibility to deliver the ready-made units and structures throughout Ukraine.

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