Metal bending is the most common technology of the workpiece deformation. As a result, a spatial product of any complexity can be made of a flat element. Thanks to the bending of metal sheets, pipes and fittings, we can get specific components and finished products. The parts are very strong and durable, without joints and welding, and the use of high-precision machines ensures strict adherence to the coordinates. GourmetBack production offers a full range of metalworking services. In addition to bending sheet metal, the company can also offer cutting, laser cutting, rolling and other works.


Photogallery Bending

Specifics of professional metal bending

Bending of metal sheets and other workpieces is a process as a result of which an element takes the necessary shape and dimensions due to the stretching of the outer layers and the compression of the inner ones. Such an operation allows to get the product that is widely used in industry, construction and in everyday life:

● bent profiles;

● clamps and loops;

● racks;

● brackets;

● boxes;

● decorative elements for interior and exterior, etc.

GourmetBack is a direct manufacturer that provides metalworking services in one place. Bending, cutting, rolling, welding and other work operations are performed using high-precision CNC machines. Modern equipment makes it possible to manipulate with the workpieces of different lengths and thicknesses. The availability of a design office allows us to make complex and non-standard metal units according to the specified parameters. More than 20 years of the work in this area, as well as a team of the qualified specialists, is a guarantee that the cost of GourmetBack services is fully adequate and the quality of products is high.

Advantages of metal bending

This technology for processing metal workpieces has many advantages:

● High strength of finished product. Designs are monolithic and having no welds. This increases the resistance of the elements to corrosion. Also, physical and chemical parameters of the raw materials do not change, which positively affects the bearing properties of the elements.

● Attractive appearance. Product looks more harmonious than the structures with bolts and welding. Thanks to metal bending, you can get stylish design elements for interior and exterior decoration.

● Versatility. Machines are not only suitable for bending sheet metal. GourmetBack has equipment capable of processing profiles, pipes and fittings. Thanks to this, the product range is expanding significantly.

● Production of products with precise parameters. The use of modern equipment allows us to make structures of almost any shape and size. The finished product will fully comply with the drawings.

Specific features of cooperation with GourmetBack

The company’s specialists are engaged in three-point, double-angle, multi-angle and radius metal bending. GourmetBack’s customers acquire a number of advantages:

● reasonable prices and discounts for regular customers;

● delivery of goods throughout Kyiv and other cities of the country;

● use of high-precision bending machines capable of performing manipulations with any workpieces;

● availability of own design bureau;

● many years of experience of the foremen and engineers who are able to quickly and efficiently implement any project.

GourmetBack  production performs professional metal bending throughout Ukraine. The company values its customers, specialists of the company will do everything to solve the problems that the customer is facing. Ordering services from GourmetBack , you can have no doubt that all metalworking services will be performed at the highest level!