Metal structures are popular in many industries due to their usefulness, wear resistance and durability. To fasten sheets of alloys between themselves and other parts, we need holes, they are obtained by drilling. This method of metal processing is in demand due to the variety of cutouts. They can be of the correct geometric shape or multifaceted, which allows to get the product in compliance with the technical requirements. You can order drilling of holes in metal in Kyiv from GourmetBack, a company with more than 20 years of experience.


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Types of metalworking

There are two types of cutouts: blind and through. The blind holes are drilled to a certain depth, and the second type of holes is drilled to body size. Depending on the purpose, the inside is smooth or stepped.

With through boring, it is important to make a barb on the metal workpiece and prevent the cutting element from moving beyond the workpiece.

Methods of protecting the working surface and tool from damage:

● place a wooden lining or bar under the metal item;

● use the machine with a cutout when working on a workbench;● reduction of tool revolutions at the last stage of drilling. In blind holes, it is important to observe the depth of the passage, for this, they limit the length of the cutter or install a ruler on the machine.

Most popular types of drilling:

● boring of the existing holes;

● drilling with a decrease in diameter;

● creation of large holes;

● turning of polyhedral cuts. You can order metalworking services in Ukraine from GourmetBack, a company with an individual approach to each client.

Craft difficulties and cutout application

Working with cutting milling tools is a complex and dangerous type of activity. Cutting holes by yourself without special preparation is not recommended, as there is a risk of getting the wrong result. Common problems:

1. Equipment. Some cutouts can be made with a drill, but the complex ones, for example, multifaceted or deep, are performed on special machines. The cost of units is high, it is much cheaper to order the service from the professional people.

2. Burning alloy. During the job, the material and the cutter are heated, and the metal can melt. This problem is especially common when boring large diameters in a thin sheet. To avoid this effect, the coolants and lubricants are used.

3. Damage to the tool and material. Some cuts are performed only at a certain angle of the cutter to the metal. Without special skills and experience, it is difficult to perform metalworking correctly; there is a risk of damage to the drill and alloy sheet.

The purpose of the holes:

● creation of technological cutouts for anchor embedded parts, bolts, electrical cables, etc.;

● cutting metal with certain parameters from a common sheet;

● machining to prepare for hole enlarging, carving, boring and other jobs.

Drilling is used in mechanical engineering, assembly of structures, repair work and other fields of activity.

GourmetBack –  Expert in Metalworking

Engineers with 20 years of experience work in the company to efficiently fulfill orders of any complexity. Drilling holes is one of GourmetBack’s business areas. You can order the manufacture of metal structures, equipment for the food industry, rental of specialized equipment and other services necessary for many types of business. Thanks to modern equipment, our specialists can perform work of any complexity in a clearly defined time frame. Managers will advise and help you calculate the price of the work.

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