Metal stamping or pressing is one of the most advanced technologies of producing components of various shape and size. Pressure treatment makes it possible to produce large batches of items or other workpieces of sheet metal. Finished products are in great demand in various industries due to their maximum precision of performance. Pressing services are essential for the companies that require a large number of similar items, parts or workpieces. In GourmetBack you can order all jobs related to metal stamping: from the creation of the design to the release of products according to individual parameters.

Varieties of metal stamping

There are two main types of pressing:

● Cold pressing. It is used for processing thin workpieces that can be deformed without heating. During exposure, the metal surface does not oxidize. The production speed is very high.

● Hot pressing. The technique is intended for processing workpieces of large thickness. This technology is used less often due to high cost.

In addition, metal pressing can be disconnecting (involves cutting, chopping, punching, forming holes and dividing the workpieces into parts), as well as shaping (extrusion, bending, molding).

Advantages of metal pressing

The stamping of metal elements has significant advantages:

● affordable cost – the technology makes it possible to make bulk batches of products with various configurations, which significantly reduces the price of individual elements;

● profitability – metal consumption will be minimal;

● high production speed – it takes much less time to produce batches in comparison with other metal processing techniques;

● maximum precision of the finished parts – modern machines are controlled by a computer, with the help of stamping you can make almost any product;

● versatility – products from one series ideally correspond to each other, there are no discrepancies in their parameters;

● increase in strength – as a result of physical impact, the operational properties of the elements improve, it is possible to form stiffeners.

Pressing is one of the most popular metal processing methods. Thanks to stamping, it is possible to obtain both finished products and individual components intended for various industries (from clock hands to aircraft body elements).

Our advantages

GourmetBack is a manufacturer with many years of experience. We have been making customized parts and metal structures for over 20 years. When ordering pressing services from GourmetBack , the client receives:

● Developed logistics. There will be no downtime due to the lack of necessary workpieces. A batch of goods will be delivered to any corner of Kyiv or any other city of the country.

● Use of modern CNC machines. Thanks to this, finished products perfectly match the specified parameters. The specialists use high-quality steel in their production. All products are covered by the warranty.

● Affordable prices. The cost of services is not high and the quality is perfect. GourmetBack offers pleasant discounts and bonuses for regular customers.

● Own design bureau. The company’s engineers will make drawings based on the needs of your business or production. A wide selection of machine settings allows you to produce 3D- or flat parts with any characteristics.

GourmetBack production provides efficient, fast and inexpensive metal pressing in Ukraine. GourmetBack values its customers and most customers become regular. It is the main confirmation of our professionalism!