Gear cutting

Tooth-cutting is performed to create tooth wheels and gears. GourmetBack production is engaged in metalworking, including the formation of elements of this type. Experienced specialists work on high-precision modern machines of a wide profile. The services include cutting conical parts, spline joints, worm gears and other necessary elements at the request of the client. High technical characteristics of the equipment allow the ultra-precise and fast manufacturing of the parts of any complexity and size.


Photogallery Gear cutting

Types of tooth-cutting

Gears and other parts with specific notches are used in all mechanical structures: from watches to heavy construction equipment. In order not to disrupt the operation of the device, their shape must be perfect, and the structure durable. When creating elements, a milling machine with a special blade and a slotting instrument is used. The final result depends on the procedure of processing the workpiece and the foreman’s technique. The following types of work are distinguished:

● cutting and rounding of gears in different variations;

● creation of gearing inside and outside the wheel;

● gear hobbing of pairs, gears, cone-shaped parts and brake pulleys;

● grinding and honing of teeth;

● work with splined bushings, shaft and pairs;

● cutting of worm-type structures.

Foremen perform the tooth-cutting work using the following types of cutters:

● disk cutter – for shaped processing;

● end-mill type gear cutter – for helical gear designs and straight-flute elements with a module of more than 20 mm;

● threaded and face-mill heads – for creating conical protrusions with external engagement;

● slotted head – cut teeth, make engagement in the middle and from the outside;

● combs – a cutter which helps to create cylindrical elements on wheels;

● worm hobs – used in cutting gears with cylindrical oblique, straight and curved teeth;

● planer blades and spinning.

Customized gear cutting

For more than 20 years, GourmetBack specialists have been providing metalworking and grooving services in Ukraine. The milling workshop produces high-quality and reliable gear racks, gears, couplings, shafts, holders and other details. The specialists develop a draft order for the individual requirements of the client and pass the scheme to the foremen. Modern equipment allows us to manufacture elements adhering to the smallest detail and repeating the preliminary drawings. We work with the tasks of any complexity, and produce micro- and macro parts in the required volumes.You can order gear cutting and other metal processing services right on the company’s website. Leave an online application for a cost calculation or call back. The manager will inform you on the preliminary cost and lead time as soon as possible. The service is available for private and corporate clients in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

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