Grinding works

Professional grinding of metal allows to finish processing of the items and workpieces. The result is a perfectly flat surface without any roughness. Grinding makes it possible to obtain finished items and components that perfectly match the size and shape of the specified parameters. GourmetBack production offers a full range of services for processing of metal structures. The use of modern equipment and reliable materials, as well as many years of experience guarantee high-quality metal grinding in Kyiv and Ukraine.

What is metal grinding

Grinding is one of the types of cutting. The abrasive wheel eliminates the thinnest layer of material, giving the surface the necessary smoothness. As a rule, such manipulations are carried out at the end of turning, milling and other work operations. The advantages of grinding include:

● precise adjustment of the workpiece to specified parameters;

● the ability to process the items of various shape and size;

● giving the surface an aesthetically attractive appearance.

GourmetBack is a company with 20 years of experience that provides a full range of services related to sheet metal processing and metal construction. It is possible to order the turnkey manufacture of any products components from GourmetBack. At the final stage, the specialists will do finish polishing and grinding, guaranteeing perfect surface evenness. Our production uses modern equipment, and our own design bureau allows to implement any wishes of our customers.

Grinding work operations and their types

The main types of grinding:

● peeling – the service is designed to eliminate large allowances using coarse circles;

● centerless – the elements being processed are rotating and being ground without center fastening;

● flat – involves the impact on metal sheets and other flat surfaces, the end face or the periphery of the circle acts as a cutting tool;

● round – suitable for external and internal processing of the items during their rotation;

● gear grinding – elimination of roughness and scuffs from the surface of gears of all kinds;

● tape – the item is processed with an endless belt, which is made of sanding cloth applied on a fabric or paper basis;

● superfinishing – removal of the minimum layer to achieve a hardened surface without structural changes;

● profile – processing of elements with the formation of broken or curved lines, etc.

Gourmetback carries out customized grinding work operations of any type. The experienced engineers will select the optimal solution based on the characteristics of the batch of metal structures, guaranteeing the high quality of the provided services.

GourmetBack – high-quality polishing and grinding of metal

Gourmetback Company is a leading manufacturer of metal structures in Ukraine. The experienced specialists will quickly and efficiently solve the problems related to the processing of the workpieces and metal products. The customers who order the grinding work operations from GourmetBack receive a number of advantages:

● reasonable prices and high quality of finished products;

● loyalty program for regular and wholesale customers;

● warranty on all GourmetBack products;

● the ability to perform a range of works: from designing to polishing and grinding;

● delivery of products to any city in Ukraine.

GourmetBack performs professional and inexpensive grinding work operations in Ukraine. Dealing with our company, the customers can count on super product quality and excellent service.