Heat treating

Metal heat treatment is the action aimed at changing the properties of materials, improving certain indicators or modifying their structure. Any impact occurs under the influence of high temperatures. Heat treatment is needed in many industries, since the materials with certain characteristics are used for different purposes. It is very difficult to radically change the properties of an alloy on your own without special equipment and knowledge. GourmetBack offers metal heat treatment services. The company has been professionally working for more than 20 years, this is a huge experience of specialists, which means that the order will be executed in excellent quality.

Types of heat treatment

Heat treatment has been known to people for more than 2000 years, it does not lose its importance to this day, because metals are used in all branches of human activity. Construction of a building or assembling an engine is impossible without the component parts that have gone through the high temperatures. The softening of the steel before reshaping, stamping or marking, or other operations, is performed by heat treatment. Basic types:

1. 3D. Subdivided into quenching, annealing and tempering. In the first case, the metal or nonferrous alloy is heated to a temperature above the critical one, and then cooled. Annealing differs in that the steel is kept hot for some time and the degrees are reduced together with the furnace. During tempering, the hardened material is heated to a temperature below the critical temperature and cooled.

2. Local. In case of 3D heat treatment, the sheet or a component part is heated completely, but in case of this type of heat treatment, only a certain part is heated. It is used to change the structure of steel or alloy, as well as to obtain new properties.

3. Chemico-thermal. This type of processing is considered the most difficult and time consuming, as it involves the use of special substances. For example, nitridizing gives the steel more strength than hardening. Torsion resistance is ensured by the carburizing process, the carbon saturation. Thanks to galvanizing, the alloys are not subject to high temperatures and corrosion.

Improving the properties of steel increases its service life, as well as resistance to various factors. Using chemicals is a little more expensive than working with high temperatures, but the steel is stronger and hard as a result. The metal heat treatment can be ordered from GourmetBack. Their specialists have the necessary skills and modern equipment to perform a wide range of works.

GourmetBack are experienced professionals in alloy machining.

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GourmetBack is a company with a wide range of activities. In addition to metalworking, the company provides services for renting special vehicles, repairing construction equipment, manufacturing equipment for the confectionery industry, and making art objects and furniture of steel. The design department will help you to make a project, and the managers will advise you on the cost of all proposals. GourmetBack is an integrated approach to solving your production problems.