In electrical engineering, metallurgy, aviation and textile industries, it is important to ensure a long service life of spare parts and protect them from wear. For this, we use the metallization technology for processing component parts, which is also suitable for products made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials. The coating is applied to the prepared surface regardless of its shape. Metallization services are provided by GourmetBack, a company with 20 years of experience. A team of professionals fulfills orders of any complexity, offering high-quality and prompt results.

Metallization of component parts: specifics and tasks of technology

The procedure is carried out in order to protect the component parts against corrosion, improve their consumer characteristics and appearance. The process involves the deposition of metal heated to a molten state on the surface of the product. In this case, the procedure is carried out using physical, mechanical or chemical methods:

● heat treatment involves immersing the part in a bath with molten material;

● an electrolyte and a direct current source are used to implement the galvanic method;

● diffusion spraying assumes saturation of products with zinc, aluminum, chromium or boron;

● liquid or powder reagents are used for chemical metallization of parts;

● gas method consists of melting the wire with a gas jet, which serves as a source of creating a protective layer on the surface of the components;

● Galvanizing is used to apply the appropriate material when processing pipes or sheet metal.

The technology of metallizing the component parts in Kyiv includes several stages:

1. Preparation of the product. At this stage, the surface must be cleaned of dust, moisture or rust using a sandpaper, brush or sandblaster. Gasoline, kerosene or solvent are for degreasing. It is necessary to keep the surface clean before proceeding to the next step.

2. Coating. It is carried out within an hour after the preparation of the components. When applying the coating, it is important to ensure that the metallizer nozzle is perpendicular to the product surface. First, the coating is applied to difficult areas: corners, cuts and grooves. Then the coating is applied to the rest of the surface. As a result, the metal creates a layer of the desired thickness, taking into account the allowances.

3. Subsequent mechanical treatment of sprayed coatings. The final procedure, which is carried out to give the components the desired size and improve the external characteristics. At this stage, the minimum sprayed layer is removed by cutting, grinding or polishing.

Customized metallization of component parts from GourmetBack

Applying molten material to products requires specialized equipment, skills and professionalism. Technological errors made make the components unusable, so it is better to entrust the procedure to an experienced contractor. You can order affordable metallization services from GourmetBack.

The company’s specialists use a comprehensive individual approach to ensure that the result of the work meets the requirements and expectations of the client as much as possible. They strictly adhere to the technology when choosing metallization methods depending on the materials used, their properties and equipment characteristics.

On the company’s website, you can calculate the cost of the service according to the drawings and diagrams provided. If necessary, our specialists will develop a unique project, taking into account the customer’s requirements. Cooperation with GourmetBack assumes adequate prices, prompt deadlines and high-quality results.