Milling works

Metal parts, mechanism elements and structures are produced using milling. The plane of the iron workpiece receives the necessary shape and texture using a cutting tool with rotating blades, edges and teeth. GourmetBack provides milling services for private and corporate clients. Experienced craftsmen using modern equipment precisely and professionally perform diverse milling jobs. Computerized machines are designed to create grooves, recesses, flats, shaping, cutting of inclined or even sheets.


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Types of Milling

The required shape of the part depends on the quality of the impact on the workpiece. Metal is fed to the milling machine at a certain angle and at a speed selected by the operator. The specialist controls the direction of the filing of the excess layer, the degree of roughness and the final shape of the workpiece by pressing it. To create custom elements, automated universal and narrow-profile milling machines are used. The foreman makes entries of the necessary parameters and monitors the execution of the work. Thanks to such mechanisms, it is possible to create both the smallest notches and spacious complex metal structures.

Depending on the metal processing techniques and the result, the following types of milling operations can be distinguished:

1. You can work with a surface of diverse inclination. Machines with a specific arrangement of spindle shaft and teeth on a rotating element and the edge are used when working with horizontal and vertical sheets. The foreman sets the cutting element at a required angle.

2. Cocurrent and contrary undercut. In the first case, the workpiece is fed under the cutter in the same direction in which the blades are rotating. In the second the workpiece is fed in the opposite direction.3. Creating holes. The end mill tool, radius, grooving and other types of the cutter can be used to make the corresponding notches. The blades on such machines are located vertically, horizontally, or with the ability to change the direction. The result is a groove, a radius hole, a T- or V-shaped cutting off, notch grooves, and other options.

4. Milling of combined planes. Shaped blades can cope with this task. The foreman works with a rotary table, uses shaped blades moving the workpiece in relation to the machine and fulfilling a profiling operation.

5. Impact on the curved lines and details of high complexity. A universal milling machine is not suitable for this task. The CNC units are used to create irregular shapes and ultra-precise shapes. The specialist makes the settings manually and creates an item according to the specified parameters. The work is carried out in strict  compliance with the preliminary sketch.

Customized Milling Services

The work with sheet metal requires special skills, knowledge of technology and the ability to handle complex mechanisms. GourmetBack manufactures high-precision machines and provides milling services using its own equipment. The main task of the company is to create a quality item that repeats the customer’s design as much as possible. The equipment is designed to perform the tasks of any complexity. The foremen would select the appropriate type of processing, set the machines, control each stage of the item creation and guarantee its high quality. The final cost of the service is affected by the volume of the order, the type of metal finishing.

Specialists of the milling workshop create a drawing, adjust it according to the requirements of the client, coordinate the important issues and produce items according to individual requirements. We carry out customized small and fragile parts, standard elements and structures having a lot of parts and curved lines. You can order a service in Kyiv and Ukraine on the company’s website. Leave an online request, and our manager will do a preliminary calculation of price and deadline.

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