NC metal and plastic machining

High-tech programmable equipment is designed for the manufacture of parts and structures of ideal shape and size. The jobs result in maximum productivity and fulfillment in the shortest possible time. CNC metalwork eliminates the occurrence of defective parts and discrepancies with the specified technical characteristics that sometimes occur when using hand-operated machines. GourmetBack provides fast manufacturing of the workpieces with software quality assurance.


Photogallery CNC machines

Application and advantages of CNC machines

Parts and components of equipment are required in all industries, as well as in the repair and modernization of equipment, and production of spare parts. Metalworking services are ordered by car service stations. Milling and turning work is necessary when creating exclusive products. For example, art objects or decor items made of metal.

To fulfill serial or individual orders we use the equipment with computer numerical control. They are designed for processing various materials and alloys like:

● ferrous metals, including stainless and other types of steel;

● aluminum;

● copper;

● bronze;

● titanium alloys;

● plastic.

Modern processing of metals and alloys is performed on multifunctional machines with numerical control due to such advantages:

● serial production of identical parts at an adequate cost;

● programmable control and convenient methods of readjustment;

● high speed and accuracy of work;

● automation of the process reduces the risk of getting defective items;

● production of parts of elaborate design and full compliance with the drawings.

Types of CNC machines

The equipment works on the basis of the algorithm set by the control program. It sets the parameters for moving the tool and workpieces, speed and sequence of actions. A new program is written for each technical task.

The processing of metals and plastics is carried out on equipment of the following types, depending on the purpose:

1. Turning equipment – universal equipment for working with the workpieces of different materials using the rotation method. Designed for cutting, external and internal turning of parts, machining of ends and engaging steps, drilling and spotfacing, applying several types of thread, and rolling corrugated surfaces.

2. Milling equipment – multifunctional equipment which when working ensures the exposure of the workpiece to a rotating tool. Using milling machines, the components of complex geometric shape can be created. Also, drilling, engraving and cutting of the material cam be performed on these machines.

3. Laser equipment – powerful equipment, metal components are during operation with which metals are subjected to the least mechanical stress during its operation. At the same time, the cutting and processing speed is quite high, you can make complex and shaped pieces, both flat and voluminous.

4. Bending – a processing method that allows to get a seamless part with high accuracy of linear dimensions and angles. Under the mechanical and thermal effects of bending machines, the outer layer is stretched and the inner one is compressed.

A set of metalworking offers from GourmetBack

20 years of experience in machinery manufacturing and the availability of machines of famous brands allows the company to provide a wide range of services in this area. We fulfill customized processing of metals and plastics in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. We use machines with “competitive” technical characteristics (cutting thickness, accuracy, speed, number of coordinates). The price is reasonable and the quality of the products is high. The cost of the work is calculated based on the requirements of the client. GourmetBack specialists develop individual programs for the customers to fulfill orders of any complexity. Qualified operators will quickly produce the necessary parts, assemblies or structures of various metals and alloys. A full range of jobs in one place ensures the compliance with the deadlines.

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