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Planing is one of the stages of processing metal items. In the process of grinding, several layers are removed from the sheet, as a result, a smooth surface is obtained, which is ready for subsequent manipulations. Planing metal jobs are performed on special machines. There are two types of such machines: transverse and longitudinal. The type of tool depends on the workpiece. The price of the machines in Ukraine is high, the one-time metal processing is cheaper if to order it from GourmetBack specialists. Its production has been working in this direction for more than 20 years. Its professionals will do the job of any complexity at a set date.


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Varieties of planing equipment

The difference between longitudinal and transverse machines lies in the principle of operation. Using the first one, we can process small areas, the cutter is fixed, the surface “walks”. In the equipment of the cross-planing type, the opposite is true: the metal is motionless, and the item is in progressive motion. Such machines are used for processing the overall workpieces.

In addition to longitudinal and transverse planing devices, the equipment includes:

● slotting equipment;

● take-off assembly;

● shaped and planing tools.

The type of the machine is selected depending on the dimensions of the item and additional types of jobs, if necessary.

Important unit specifications

The machines are classified according to the following parameters:

1. Working surfaces. The possibility of simultaneous performance of the related jobs depends on their number. For example, planing is on one table, and broaching bit is on the other.

2. Power. A key factor in productivity and cutting speed. The higher this parameter, the faster the machine functions, which means that more workpieces can be processed in a certain period of time.

3. Type of drive. There are machines with hydraulic and crank drives. The units differ in the speed of moving parts, in the first version it is constant, and in the second it is adjustable. Changing the speed is necessary for different complexity of processing on one item.

An important characteristic of the devices is the number of cutting elements. There are single, double and quadrilateral machines. The more knives, the wider the area of the workpiece being processed, which means that the planing is faster and more thorough.

Important points at work

Planing and other metalworking services are the activities requiring special care and caution. Difficulties arise when planing thin parts, they need to be fixed to the surface of the machine. In such cases, the workpiece is pressed or glued for the process duration.

Planing is carried out according to special instructions, taking into account the safety precautions. It is better not to start operating the machine without special skills, but to entrust the  processing operation to the professionals.

GourmetBack – best specialists in Ukraine

Metalworking is one of the areas of the company. GourmetBack has been operating in Kiev for over 20 years in such areas as the manufacture of equipment for the food and other industries, metalworking, rental of specialized vehicles and design services.

Its specialists work on modern equipment, which allows to perform processing efficiently and at a set date. The reputation of the company is earned by painstaking work, you can order cutting of sheet metal, laser cutting and other types of processing. Our credo is an individual approach to each client. Managers will advise you on the cost of any of the services. GourmetBack means professional approach, fast job completion and reasonable prices for services.