Sand- and shot-blasting metal working

Sandblasting allows to clean any surface from rust, scale, carbon deposits and various contaminants. This technology is suitable for working with metal, wood, plastic, glass and other materials. Sandblasting allows both surface and deep cleaning. Due to its versatility, the technique is widely used in the processing of car bodies, trailers, concrete mixers, crafts and boats, gates, various parts, wheel disks, etc. You can order sandblasting from GourmetBack. 20 years of experience in working with metal structures guarantees high quality of the provided services.

Processing specifics

The technology involves cleaning with an abrasive. Thanks to a portion of compressed air, the sand particles are greatly accelerated, so that in a collision they knock out paint, oil stains, varnish and dirt. The equipment for sandblasting is quite light and compact, which allows you to work with individual spare parts and elements, as well as with immovable structures. Changing the sand acceleration rate, you can control the force of the impact to avoid the surface damage.

Shot blasting jobs are somewhat different. They also use compressed air, but larger metal elements act as an abrasive. The process involves reverse retraction of the shot. It is not only saves resources, but also significantly reduces the amount of dirt and dust. In addition, the performance characteristics of shot blasting machines are significantly higher that increase their efficiency.

Sandblasting: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the technique include:

● high productivity –  it is possible to efficiently process quite large areas in one shift, the abrasive makes it possible to eliminate even small and persistent dirt;

● affordable cost – the price per square meter of sandblasting is significantly lower in comparison with most of the other methods;

● formation of a rough surface – due to this, further adhesion to paint or varnish is improved;

● long-lasting effect – after sandblasting the surface remains clean for a long time;

● efficiency – in contrast to liquid solutions, the effect is noticeable immediately.

The main disadvantage of sandblasting is a large amount of dust, but such a minus is eliminated by shot blasting. It is also necessary to take into account the high danger for the operator and people nearby, so in order to prevent the unforeseen situations when operating the machine, contact the experienced professionals.

Sandblasting and shot blasting are intended for:

● cleaning from paint, varnish, rust, scale and other contaminants;

● surface decoration – abrasives make it possible to create the effect of  an antique surface;

● degreasing the parts before painting, varnishing and other similar jobs;

● cleaning building facades, etc.

GourmetBack – professional processing of any surface

GourmetBack has been manufacturing and processing metal structures for more than 20 years. One of the areas of activity is the preparation of surfaces for painting and fulfillment of sandblasting jobs in Kyiv and Ukraine. The company values the customers, all orders are executed at the highest level.

Benefits of working with GourmetBack:

● use of high-quality equipment;

● possibility of further painting of surfaces;

● availability of quality assurance for all jobs;

● discounts for regular customers.

If you want to know how much the sandblasting jobs cost in GourmetBack, contact the company’s manager online or by phone. We guarantee the highest quality of the performed order!