Shaper works

Metal slotting is widely used for making holes and creating slot grooves. Thanks to these services, we can get high-precision components and finished product that are widely used in the field of engineering and other industries. Slotting work allows us to make a durable element without exposing the workpiece to the unnecessary impacts. The cost of services is not high, and the use of modern CNC machines makes it possible to perform the parts of complex configurations. You can order slotting works from GourmetBack production in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Specifics of the production process

Slotting is a technique that involves processing of a workpiece with a tool having one high-impact cutting element. The reciprocating motion of the blade allows to cut metal with high accuracy and efficiency. The technology is used for:

● receiving blind and through holes;

● creation of keyways

● processing of internal cylindrical, polyhedral and unequal cavities;

● production of slotted holes, etc.

Thanks to this service, it is possible to obtain keyed, toothed, spline or pin joints. Each of the options has its advantages, the specialists of the GourmetBack Design Bureau are always ready to develop an optimal design based on your needs. For more than 20 years, the company has been engaged in metalworking and custom-made metal structures. The customers value professionalism and responsibility of GourmetBack’s employees and they can rely on quick manufacturing of high-quality products at an affordable price.

Benefits of slotting

The advantages of the technique include:

● Versatility. The technology is suitable for handling flat, shaping, profiled and circular surfaces. A wide selection of operations allows rough and final finishing of various workpieces on the available  machines.

● High strength of finished product. During grooving, the metal does not lose its physical properties and does not deform. It increases bearing characteristics of the finished product, as well as its resistance to external influences.

● Possibility of single or serial production. The use of modern equipment makes it possible to produce structures with various configurations. In addition, from GourmetBack you can order any other operations for the manufacturing and processing of metal products (cutting, bending, rolling, etc.).

Customized slotting works from GourmetBack

When ordering slotting works from Gourmetback, the customers can count on the following benefits:

● Affordable prices. The cost of services is not very high but the reliability and durability of products are perfect. For regular and wholesale customers, a system of additional bonuses and discounts has been developed.

● High quality products. All operations are performed on modern machines. Gourmetback’s engineers are experienced professionals who are ready to get down to the most difficult tasks. The products are covered by a quality guarantee.

● Delivery throughout Ukraine. The company’s specialists will dispatch the fulfilled order to any place in the country. Thanks to the developed logistics, you do not have to wait long.

Cooperation with GourmetBack will be the best choice to order slotting works, as well as other metalworking services in Kyiv and Ukraine. The reputation of a reliable and trusted partner is important for the company, we value each client, guaranteeing fast and effective turnkey solution of any problem related to the manufacture of metal structures!