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Engineering and metalworking are the industrial sectors that use cylindrical, round and conical shapes of items. To manufacture them, the lathe work is carried out on special equipment of a universal type and CNC equipment. The workpieces of chisel and structural steels, cast iron, aluminum, brass, and alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be processed using this equipment. The lathe work in Kyiv of any complexity is performed by the GourmetBack company. A team of experienced professionals uses a comprehensive individual approach, guaranteeing precision of parameters and efficiency of the product.


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Specifics of metal turning

This type of the workpiece processing is used to create complex parts with geometrically equal parameters. The essence of the process is to remove the excess layer of material from the surface of the product to give it the necessary shape and size. The machine rotates the workpiece around its axis and feeds the cutting tool to it. The equipment with screws, cutters and other elements that operate at different speeds allows you to drill holes, bore, deploy and ream them. In addition, technological operations on the machines include cutting of the part of the workpiece, threading and turning grooves and flutes of various configurations on the surface of the parts. The turning work in Kyiv at an affordable cost involves the creation of a project of the desired product  with due account of its parameters and production conditions. At the roughing stage, the part takes on an almost completed look. Further, the product passes through the verification test using a special measuring tool. The final stage is considered to be finishing, in which the item corresponding to the required size, shape and degree of surface roughness is obtained.

Manufacture of metal products using a lathe is common due to the following advantages:

● specialized equipment allows to obtain components of complex geometric shapes, which is not available in other metalworking methods;

● high-precision CNC machines ensure full compliance with the final parameters of products that are provided by the project or customer requirements;

● minimal production waste due to the removal of a small amount of metal in the process of changing the workpiece;

● possibility of reusing remelted chips;

● automation of production provides excellent quality of finished products.

Customized turning work from GourmetBack

Technological process using specialized equipment requires precision, care and utmost craftsmanship. Inexpensive turning services in Kyiv would be better entrusted to qualified GourmetBack professionals. 20 years of experience in metal processing, manufacturing of technological lines for the food industry and metal structures allow us to promptly fulfill the customer orders at a high level. A team of professionals can exactly follow the provided drawings and diagrams or develop a unique project according to your wishes. Thanks to our design bureau and the availability of universal machines, the company offers production of reliable and high-quality products at reasonable prices. You can find out how much they cost and order turning services on our website. We guarantee a high-quality, comprehensive and efficient solution to the technical problems of any complexity.

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