Construction of hangars

The construction of hangars is popular due to fast construction. At the same time, the construction results in high quality and reliability. Ukraine is a country with a highly developed field of agriculture. Therefore, the hangar is perfect for sheltering and keeping animals, storing crops and other products. The structures can be used not only in the agricultural sector, they can be used as warehouses or premises on the territory of the service station. All metal structures comply with the building standards. Buying a hangar is the right decision for those who value their time and money.

Range of applications

The popularity of metalwork is due to its wide functionality and use in various fields. The hangar can be ordered for car service stations, parking, car show rooms, car wash. Another area is production. Due to the various sizes, large tools such as machine tools can be stored in the facility.

A metal structure is a cheap way to build an indoor sports ground, tennis court, soccer field, shooting gallery. Also, modern hangars can be turned into an art object or non-standard institution. Some developers use metal structures as trading pavilions and supermarkets. The hangar is great for storing grain, crops, fuels, and lubricants.

Cost calculation

Hangar production begins with the design. In the design process, all the loads on the structure, its type, additional services are taken into account. Based on the prepared project, you can calculate the cost of a square meter.

The price depends on several factors:

● width;

● length;

● height;

● type of roof;

● heat-insulation;

● size and type of gate.

In addition to the above, the cost is affected by the complexity of the design, the choice of the type (warm or cold), the level of preparedness of the area for installation. Turnkey manufacturing is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase a hangar. The foremen will take into account all the details, you only need to place an order and discuss the deadlines.

Advantages of metal hangars

One of the pluses is the ability to assemble and move the structure to a new location. This is also the main difference from concrete and brick rooms. In addition, there are other advantages of hangars:

1. Low cost per 1 m2.

2. Fast construction.

3. Functionality, suitable for many areas.

4. Long service life.

5. Construction in almost any weather conditions.

6. Full compliance with all requirements of fire, environmental and sanitary standards.

Whom to entrust the construction of the hangar

Installation is carried out by professionals. GourmetBack has been on the market for over 20 years. During this time, a team of people who love their job has formed. This allows to complete all projects at a set date, fast and without losing product quality. When designing hangars, the foremen always take into account the wishes of the customer, and special attention is paid to the preparedness of the site. The company’s goal is to create long-term relationships with the customers. It would not be possible without high-quality materials and loyal employees. GourmetBack is many years of experience in designing hangars in Kyiv and other cities. The company provides a full range of metalworking. This allows us to provide quality services to the customers. One of the main rules is an individual approach to the customer. It is ensured by the design and logistics departments. A large number of special equipment is available at the enterprise’s base, which can be rented: loaders, excavators, dump trucks, buses, and trucks.