Grounds of houses, summer cottages or enterprises need protection and designation of boundaries. These functions are performed by fences. Fences are produced in openwork or in the form of monolithic structures that completely hide the areas with buildings from prying eyes. Making fences is an important task that is best to delegate to professionals. The product must match the design of buildings and the landscape of the site. GourmetBack specialists will help determine the type of fence, select the material for it, make a strong and durable product, and quickly install it. The engineers undertake the work of any complexity, implementing a client's project.

Advantages of metal fences

Fences are made of various types of materials, taking into account their functions and terrain features. The most popular fences are metal ones due to the following advantages:

● strength, resistance to mechanical damage, moisture and temperature differential;

● durability – long service life without additional repair;

● affordable price and high quality of the product;

● fast installation;

● easy to maintain.

Types of fences depending on application

Different types of metal products are used to layout the boundaries :

1. Wire mesh: inexpensive, easy and quick to install, provides good ventilation of the area and the light access. It is made of galvanized steel rods, which intertwining, form cells of 25–70 mm size. Highly requested by the summer residents for their garden plots.

2. Welded wire mesh: durable, does not deform. It consists of rods that are welded at the joints. Plasticized products are popular due to their reliability and durability. A layer of plastic is applied over the metal, which protects it against environmental impacts. Often used for sports fields.

3. Profiled sheeting: light, easy to install, protects against dust, dirt and prying eyes. It represents a thin sheet, which is attached to a bending machine where it acquires a three-dimensional form. Often used for fencing the areas in the construction of houses.

4. Forged fences: decorative, durable, not requiring complicated maintenance. The high cost is balanced by an unsurpassed appearance.

The use of modern metal cutting technologies using laser and plasma cutting allows to obtain the workpieces of various shape and size which can be further turned into products of any design. By equipping the fence production with turning, milling, grinding machines, heat treatment and painting equipment, you can create unique compositions with decorative elements. Sheet metal is well matched with concrete, brick and forging.

GourmetBack fences – reliability and aesthetics

Services for manufacturing fences in Kyiv with the possibility of delivery throughout Ukraine can be ordered on our website. The quality of metal structures produced at the enterprise is explained by professionalism, 20 years of experience and the availability of modern equipment. Our own design bureau allows us to fulfill individual orders, to introduce advanced methods of processing units to increase their strength and durability.

The range of services includes delivery and installation of fences. Orders are carried out within clearly defined deadlines. Prices depend on the material used and specifics of installation. GourmetBack metal fences will protect your garden plots and households for a long time.