Any car owner wants to ensure maximum service life of his vehicle. This is influenced by many factors. Some of them are weather conditions, car thieves and hooligans. It’s not enough just to use a protective hood for your car. The vehicle must be left in a protected place. Capital construction of the garage requires large financial, physical and time costs. Prefabricated metal structures are the best option. Making a garage is a time-consuming process that is best to delegate to professionals.

Structure benefits

A metal garage is a popular and practical type of a parking space. Its main advantages are strength, low cost, and fast assembling. This type is not considered capital, so it does not need to be documented. The structure can be easily disassembled and moved to a new place. All the advantages of the garage contribute to its quick sale, if the need arises.

In Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, it is quite simple to order a turnkey production from professionals in their field from GourmetBack. Or you can buy a finished structure. Our specialists will calculate the cost of  building a metal garage from the scratch.

Stages of construction

The structure is built maximum within a few days. The production terms are agreed with the customer before the work starts. GourmetBack foreman always get the job done on time. The price directly depends on the dimensions and additional materials. For example, you can choose a gate, a wicket, a roof (flat, complex, shed  or ridge). A primer and paint coating are offered as an additional service.

The size of the garage depends on the number of cars. 18 m² is enough for one standard car. To calculate the area more accurately, you need to consider a number of factors:

● distance between the car door and the side wall must be at least 70 cm;

● 50 cm should be from the exhaust pipe to the rear of the garage;

● the gate must be located at least 50 cm from the bumper.

Ground work and implementation of the design

The foundation is an important part of the structure. This is the basis of any facility, which provides strength and reliability. Before starting work, drain the area.

To build a garage, based on its size, you need to dig a trench. Next, install the timbering and pour concrete. Only the high-quality materials that meet international standards can guarantee the long-term operation and safety of the structure. Strength is ensured by monolithic crossbars and braced reinforcement mesh.

Key to a reliable home for a car

GourmetBack employs professionals who love their job. Not the beginners studying the production process, but the experienced foremen! This allows us to provide a full range of metalworking services. Design and logistics departments use an individual approach. GourmetBack is a long list of benefits:

● many years of experience in mechanical engineering – creation of industrial equipment;

● metalworking machines operating for specific areas (thickness, cut, length, width, depth, accuracy, speed, number of coordinates);

● strict adherence to deadlines;

● reasonable prices;

● decent quality;

● the ability to rent special equipment (available vehicles: front-end loader, excavator, dump truck, bus, bus, truck, flour truck; Bobcat, CAT, JCB, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volkswagen).

The choice of a manufacturer for garage construction is a kind of a foundation. It may affect the whole process and result. Trust a company of professionals with 20 years of experience.