Equipment for public transport

Waiting for transport means is a tedious necessity most people face every day. An aesthetically attractive and well-equipped stop protects passengers from dangerous situations on the roads and bad weather, and allows to comfortably spend time before the arrival of buses or minibuses, etc. It is important that the structures of the complexes be strong and anti-vandal. Metal is perfectly suitable for their production. GourmetBack designs, manufactures and installs shelters of any design and configuration. Its specialists can design an object of any level of complexity.

Requirements for stops and their equipment

During the construction of pavilions, different materials are used, and it affects the cost. The frames are made of metal. Regardless of the type of product, the places for passenger pickup and drop-off must meet the following criteria:

● strength;

● availability of a canopy to protect the people from sun and rain;

● equipment with a bench or seats;

● compliance of the design with urban architecture requirements.

Owners of transport stop shelters receive additional income when equipping the advertising structures in the form of lite-panels and city-rollers. Outdoor concession stands also provide profit and create comfortable conditions for passengers who can have a drink or buy fresh newspapers. Welded urns help keep the stop pavilions clean. Electrical outlets, displays with traffic patterns are the important convenience elements for passengers.

Types of stops

The pavilions of the urban type are most popular: the frame of impact-resistant metal pipes is sheathed with tempered glass, corrugated board or composite panels. In the areas, remote from residential areas, the anti-vandal bus stops are installed. Steel profile pipes, sheet iron and metal tiles are used for their production.

In the retail and bus stop shelters we use monolithic or cellular polycarbonate, triplex and tempered glass. The color gamut of materials, method of metal coating is chosen by the customer according to the recommendations of the company’s specialists.

The following bus stop shelters can be produced:1. All-welded shelters. More often, they are strong, durable anti-vandal-type stops.

2. Precast shelters. Convenient for transportation to any locality in Ukraine. If necessary, it is easy to replace individual elements.

Bus stop shelters from GourmetBack mean quality and personal touch

20 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, a team of professionals and the ability to perform any metal operations using modern equipment allow us to manufacture all types of bus stop shelters. Based on the technical specifications, the design bureau specialists calculate the necessary processing parameters: length, width and depth, cutting thickness, and number of coordinates. The jobs are performed on the machines using new technologies. Anti-corrosive spraying increases the durability of products.

Strict, rectangular structures or unusual art objects can be successfully implemented by GourmetBack specialists. You can order the equipment of bus stops proposing standard or individual projects on our website within 24 hours. We manufacture pavilions and stop shelters without delays on time. The prices are determined after the choice of materials and the range of services. The availability of our own special transport speeds up the delivery and installation of the facility in any district of Kyiv or in Ukraine.