Special equipment for rent

In the construction and agricultural sectors, it becomes necessary to transport material asset from one point to another. The entrepreneurs do not always consider it expedient to independently create and maintain a fleet of special equipment, especially if the transportation is of an unsystematic nature. In this case, it makes financial sense to use the truck rental service offered by the GourmetBack company. The specialists will help you choose the right transport, depending on the expected volumes and types of transportation, in order to quickly and efficiently fulfill the client's order.
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Dump trucks
Everyday practice shows that the framework and place of training is an interesting experiment to test the directions of progressive development. On the other hand, the framework and place of training require the definition and refinement of the appropriate conditions for activation. Ideological considerations of the highest order, as well as constant outreach to our activities, entails the process of introducing and modernizing further directions of development. Thus, broad asset consultation plays an important role in shaping mass participation systems.
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The large-scale earthworks are always carried out using special equipment. It is always necessary to move something: soil, construction debris or dig trenches. If it's a one-off event, buying all of the equipment can have a significant impact on your budget. It is profitable to rent it. Renting excavators will help you save your budget and use high-quality, reliable equipment at an affordable price. In this case, you can choose a vehicle with specific parameters based on the need, for example, a dragline to work with close of groundwater occurrence.
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In the construction business, at the factory, in large-scale agriculture, in large household stores and in other enterprises, you cannot manage without technical assistance. A person can lift a relatively small weight, so the lift trucks are used. This is a special technique that captures, moves and stores the cargo. The procedure is performed using a fork, bucket, tongs and other additional equipment. This technique can be costly. Renting a forklift is an optimal solution for temporary use. It can be rented for a day, a month or some other period.
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Flour truck
In food production, all stages are important: from growing raw materials to packaging finished products. The transportation of products, including flour, also has its strict requirements. They are transported in special vehicles with trailers and semi-trailers. The raw materials are often imported only periodically. Then it is more profitable to rent a flour vehicle. This service eases you of the need to repair and maintain the vehicle. You can order inexpensive rental of special equipment from the company having 20 years of experience, GourmetBack. Our site displays the options with optimal performance characteristics.
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Advantages of renting special equipment

Most enterprises between purchase and rental of construction equipment choose the second option. This decision is due to the following advantages:

  • cost – the purchase of excavators and other heavy automotive equipment is more expensive than its rental;
  • storage – it is not necessary to build additional structures, for example, a garage or a parking lot for the vehicles taken for temporary use;
  • technical service – the full maintenance of the equipment lies with its owner.

Benefits of cooperation with GourmetBack

The rental of special equipment is one of the areas of our activity. It is possible to rent the following vehicles:

  • low roaders – in demand for the transportation of large-scale indivisible loads;
  • dump trucks – mainly used in the construction industry;
  • excavators – the best transport units for the demolition of buildings, road construction and open pits, as well as soil excavation
  • loaders – common in agriculture and utilities, as well as in logistics structures;
  • buses and minivans – used to deliver people to their place of work;
  • refrigerated semi-trailers – product delivery in compliance with the required temperature conditions.

Dealing with us, the customers receive an individual approach in choosing a technical unit, the arrival of vehicles on time, as well as the affordable cost. You can find out more to review our price list for the rental services of special equipment by leaving a request on our site. Our managers will contact you and advise you on rental prices.