The large-scale earthworks are always carried out using special equipment. It is always necessary to move something: soil, construction debris or dig trenches. If it's a one-off event, buying all of the equipment can have a significant impact on your budget. It is profitable to rent it. Renting excavators will help you save your budget and use high-quality, reliable equipment at an affordable price. In this case, you can choose a vehicle with specific parameters based on the need, for example, a dragline to work with close of groundwater occurrence.

Excavator types

The bucket vehicles are popular in Ukraine due to the increased amount of construction work. It falls under the definition of a cyclical action, since the actions are circle-wise repeated. First, the soil is scooped up, then it is transferred to a given place and spilling.

Excavators can be divided into 2 groups by their design. The first one is caterpillar excavators. This is a powerful machine that makes it easy to get into remote places. The advantage can be considered its stability and the ability to work off-road. The second one is wheeled excavators. Quickly response to operator actions. They are considered maneuverable and highly efficient.

Types of excavators for construction

The rented equipment will help at all stages of construction. At the same time, it is cheap if compared to its purchase. With its help, you can quickly remove hills, fill and level ravines and trenches, dismantle walls and partitions, demolish any buildings, remove garbage from the construction site, dig a pit, and clear streets of snow. All modern excavators are equipped with additional dozer kit:

● Clamshell bucket. The unusual structure – detachable part of the structure. The size can be any, depending on the volume and weight that has be lifted.

● Hydraulic hammer. It is installed instead of the usual bucket and resembles a percussion mechanism by the type of action. Suitable for breaking up asphalt and concrete pavements and frozen ground.

● Forks. L-shaped “fingers” to assist in gripping the material or lift something from below. Most often found in loaders – machines with two booms: excavator (rear) and lifting (front).

● Hydraulic shears. Suitable for demolition of buildings and primary destruction of reinforced concrete (walls, floor slabs, foundations, bunkers, columns, curbs, prefabricated structures, fittings, etc.)

● Milling cutter. It looks like a drum with teeth. Their rotation provides a rotary piston hydraulic drive.

Benefits of renting excavators from GourmetBack

By renting an excavator, you can expand your fleet of equipment without investing large funds. The rental of the equipment allows you to carry out its repair and not worry about its maintenance. For vehicles taken for temporary use, you do not need to build additional structures, for example, a garage or a parking lot. All excavators undergo timely inspection and the required maintenance.

Long term and hourly rentals are possible. The order of special equipment is available in Kyiv and Kiev region. When renting an excavator, you get modern equipment with a driver at an affordable price. The company employs people with many years of experience, so your request will always be completed efficiently and on time.

Any special vehicle is available for rent: a conventional and front-end loader, excavator, dump truck, bus, semi-trailer truck, flour truck. The vehicle fleet includes the equipment of famous brands like Bobcat, CAT, JCB, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volkswagen. You can calculate the cost on our website provided with a convenient feature set. You can order any services by phone. The manager will inform you on the per-hour price and the conditions.