In the construction business, at the factory, in large-scale agriculture, in large household stores and in other enterprises, you cannot manage without technical assistance. A person can lift a relatively small weight, so the lift trucks are used. This is a special technique that captures, moves and stores the cargo. The procedure is performed using a fork, bucket, tongs and other additional equipment. This technique can be costly. Renting a forklift is an optimal solution for temporary use. It can be rented for a day, a month or some other period.

Types of loaders

Two main types of loaders can be distinguished based on the grip: a forklift loader and a bucket elevator loader. The first one is often used in warehouses, in manufacturing, trade, and agriculture. It is equipped with L-shaped “forks” for grip. The second type is popular at the construction sites and repair workshops, as it is designed for loading and moving bulk materials. In addition to capture, the machines are distinguished by the type of engine:

● diesel;

● electric;

● gasoline;

● gas.

How to choose a forklift

Using the forklift, you can perform the following tasks: garbage collection, snow removal, lifting and transportation of construction, household or other materials, development of loose or frozen soil, site planning, dismantling of unnecessary structures and objects.

First of all, you need to decide on the type of jobs. Special equipment must cope with the task in full and in the shortest possible time. Fuel directly affects the bottom line. Therefore, it is necessary to decide how many hours a day the equipment will function. When renting, the choice is influenced not only by the type of the loader and engine, but also by other nuances:

● lifting capacity of equipment;

● with or without a driver;

● lifting height of the grabber;

● manufacturer;

● maximum service life of the loader.

For most tasks, the fork type is suitable. He can easily cope with loading on a rack or in a vehicle. But if you need to lift something high, it is better to choose a telescopic mechanism. This type of loader is considered multifunctional, since in some cases it can replace a bulldozer, a tower, a truck crane and an excavator.

Benefits of renting from GourmetBack

Temporary use is a way to cheaply expand the park. The money saved can be invested in a company or a construction site. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the service and maintenance, and you can also save on the taxes. The registration of forklifts with the state supervision authorities is carried out by the owner. Hourly and long-term rentals available.

It is easy to calculate the cost of a forklift on your own or check with the manager the per-hour price. The total cost depends on the type of the vehicle and its service life. All equipment is provided with an operator. the loaders undergo timely general inspection and required maintenance. This gives confidence in the quality of work performed and safety at the enterprise / construction site.

Rent is a popular service in Kiev and Ukraine. The main rule of GourmetBack is a focus on the results, which will lead to long-term cooperation. That is why an individual approach to each client is so important. The company employs experienced and result-oriented professionals. There is a large fleet of equipment for rent: a conventional and front-end loader, excavator, dump truck, bus, semi-trailer truck, flour truck of Bobcat, CAT, JCB, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, and Volkswagen make. You can leave a request for rent by phone. The manager will inform you on the cost and conditions.