In the construction and agricultural sectors, it becomes necessary to transport material asset from one point to another. The entrepreneurs do not always consider it expedient to independently create and maintain a fleet of special equipment, especially if the transportation is of an unsystematic nature. In this case, it makes financial sense to use the truck rental service offered by the GourmetBack company. The specialists will help you choose the right transport, depending on the expected volumes and types of transportation, in order to quickly and efficiently fulfill the client's order.

Advantages of renting freight vehicles

Hiring an executive agent for the delivery of bulky items is important for entrepreneurs and private users. In the first case, a long-term lease is suitable, and in the second – ordering a vehicle for a day. Regardless of the time of use, it is profitable to rent trucks for transportation for several reasons:

1. Affordable cost. Buying your own vans, trailers and trawls in Ukraine requires a lot of investment. In the case of one-time transportation, it is cheaper to use rented vehicles.

2. Possibility to choose transport means. A wide range of vehicles in the vehicle fleet allows the users to order the one that suits the parameters of carrying capacity, height and body length.

3. Financial saving. The entrepreneur will not have to spend money on subsequent maintenance and repair of vehicles. In addition, renting a truck eases the user of building a garage or parking lot.

4. No need to keep a driver on staff. Using the hired transport, businessmen do not need to hire a technician and pay him a salary. You can order a vehicle with a driver, who will carry out the repair in the event of a breakdown, and quickly and efficiently deliver the material values.

Specifics of vehicle rental for cargo transportation

Before renting a vehicle, it is important to decide on:

● purposes of transportation;

● the nature, size and weight of the cargo;

● route and distance of travel.

The decision to rent a suitable vehicle should be based on these parameters, and not on its model or appearance. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the place of unloading, providing free access for transport, taking into account its dimensions. For this, there should be no building structures and power lines on the site that can interfere with the operation of the equipment.

Five reasons to cooperate with GourmetBack

Truck rental is a demanded service among builders, representatives of agriculture, entrepreneurs and private users. The GourmetBack company with 20 years of experience provides the opportunity to rent special equipment for a day or more. Cooperation with us would be beneficial for 5 reasons:

1. A wide range of vehicles is available for rent. The company’s vehicle fleet is represented by trucks, trawls and other units of special equipment brands like Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz.

2. Individual approach. Managers, online or by phone, would provide assistance in choosing a vehicle, taking into account the nature, weight, dimensions of the cargo and the distance of transportation.

3. Affordable price. The clients can rent a vehicle at a reasonable price with or without loaders or a driver. Our managers will provide a price list for rental services in Kiev and will advise on the prices.

4. Efficiency. The transport means chosen by the client will arrive on time at the agreed place in the city in order to fulfill the order on time.

5. Reliability. All vehicles undergo a timely general inspection to ensure safe transportation of your cargo.