Flour truck

In food production, all stages are important: from growing raw materials to packaging finished products. The transportation of products, including flour, also has its strict requirements. They are transported in special vehicles with trailers and semi-trailers. The raw materials are often imported only periodically. Then it is more profitable to rent a flour vehicle. This service eases you of the need to repair and maintain the vehicle. You can order inexpensive rental of special equipment from the company having 20 years of experience, GourmetBack. Our site displays the options with optimal performance characteristics.

Types of flour vehicles

Special tanks, in which bulk products are transported, protect the cargo from contamination, foreign objects and damage. The design of the equipment allows you quick and touch-free filling and unloading of raw materials. In addition to the main product, the flour trucks can transport sugar, malt, bran and grain. The automobile transportation in the tanks is more popular than the rail transportation due to the direct delivery of cargo from manufacturer to buyer.


The loading hatches are arranged in the upper part of the flour trucks. Their number depends on the volume of the bunker. The unloading is carried out through the lower locks. The raw material is blown out by compressed air pressure. For this, the tank trucks are equipped with autonomous compressors, which are capable of feeding flour through the special hoses to a height of up to 30 m. The air is cooled with intercoolers. The tanks are painted in light colors to exclude heating of the product. The ladders and railings on the upper platform are needed for the safe lifting and work of operators and laboratory technicians who take samples of raw materials for analysis.

Types of tank trucks

The food containers are attached to the tractors. There are the following groups of flour trucks:

1. Tanks on a truck chassis: the capacity is 23–32 m³. This is an autonomous vehicle, and its design is similar to other freight transport means.

2. Trailer: capacity up to 33 m³. Attached to the chassis with a trailer hitch and a towbar.

3. Semi-trailer: there are several types of different capacities (from 13 to 80 m³). The popular option of the largest volume is used to deliver cargo in one trip, which reduces the transport costs and is felt in the cost of the product.

Materials used

The tanks for flour trucks are made of food grade aluminum or steel. Each material has its merits. Aluminum is lightweight and slightly corrosive. The hoppers made of this material last a long time and reduce the load on the tractor’s clutch, which reduces the operating costs.

The tanks made of low-alloy or stainless steel are attractive by their lower price and ease of repair. Such tankers are a budget option for special equipment.

GourmetBack is a reliable company for the lease of flour trucks

We provide special equipment for the transportation of bulk products in Kiev and throughout Ukraine for a short or long period of time.

We select a flour truck with optimal characteristics of:

● carrying capacity;

● hopper volume;

● number of compartments.

We provide our customers with serviceable equipment and in excellent condition thanks to our own base, which is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for the repair and maintenance of the vehicles. A team of experienced professionals will promptly advise and offer the best rental conditions for the client and deliver the flour truck to the destination point.

Our technology meets the requirements for the safe transportation of food products, is easy to maintain and has low fuel consumption. A tanker truck rented from GourmetBack will quickly deliver the flour to any place and the quality of the product will remain unchanged.

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