Special equipment repairs

Repair of forklifts
The loader is an assistant in the transportation of goods to perform jobs in warehouses, construction sites, or agriculture. Keeping machines in good condition is a guarantee of continuous operation. But it is impossible to exclude the cases when the equipment fails. The GourmetBack company professionally performs all types of repair of loaders and automated lift trucks, and also conducts routine inspections to maintain the equipment in good condition and at affordable prices. The company employs the team with extensive experience, its specialists use an individual approach for each client. The enterprise serves Kyiv and Kyiv region.
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Excavator repair
The work stoppage due to a breakdown of the equipment can lead to the non-fulfillment of the agreed terms and losses, and sometimes to the loss of an order. The excavator is indispensable in construction, road construction and mine workings. Its malfunctions can be eliminated directly at the location, and serious malfunctions have to be eliminated at a service station equipped with special tools and equipment. GourmetBack offers urgent excavator repair and maintenance services. A team of experienced specialists will promptly get to the customer's site, carry out the diagnostics and eliminate any malfunctions.
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Professional and fast repair of special equipment

The machines that are used in construction and road works are designed for operation with heavy loads and under the conditions of enhanced service and pressure. There is a high risk of breakage or failure, which will lead to downtime. It is not financially profitable to hire a troubleshooting specialist. Working with each of the possible breakdowns requires highly specialized knowledge and a team of professionals to get an excellent result. The GourmetBack company is engaged in diagnostics and repair of special equipment. The technicians check the serviceability, quickly replace the component parts and advise on the operating rules.

Special features of repair of special equipment

GourmetBack specialists will repair the following types of special equipment:

  • construction excavators, graders, cranes, concrete pumps;
  • road rollers, asphalt spreaders, cutters, and other equipment;
  • haul trucks, loaders, bulldozers.

Expecting that a breakdown will manifest itself is a bad option. In this case, the operation will have to be stopped, and an emergency downtime will negatively affect the result. Regular technical inspection is required. Some problems can be identified visually or aurally, but the correct function of the electrical network, motor, chassis, transmission and other specific components of heavy equipment can be determined only by a technical engineer.

Our specialists can perform general computer diagnostics and determine the cause of the problem. The powerful technical equipment helps to accurately determine the cause of the fault. All repair work is carried out by the qualified technicians who will bring the equipment back to service in a short time. The mandatory condition is the testing of the equipment after the repair. We value our reputation and focus on long and trust-based relationship with the customers.

GourmetBack’s repair of all types of special equipment

We provide services for the repair of road, construction and quarry machinery. The qualified engineers use a comprehensive and individual approach to troubleshooting. The up-to-date equipment for the diagnostics of large mechanisms helps to identify the problem without the long manual disassembly. For service maintenance, please call the telephone numbers listed on the website. We value our customers’ time and understand the importance of uninterrupted operation. Therefore, we have a serious and responsible attitude to the repair of the equipment and we carry it out in the shortest possible time.