Excavator repair

The work stoppage due to a breakdown of the equipment can lead to the non-fulfillment of the agreed terms and losses, and sometimes to the loss of an order. The excavator is indispensable in construction, road construction and mine workings. Its malfunctions can be eliminated directly at the location, and serious malfunctions have to be eliminated at a service station equipped with special tools and equipment. GourmetBack offers urgent excavator repair and maintenance services. A team of experienced specialists will promptly get to the customer's site, carry out the diagnostics and eliminate any malfunctions.

Types of excavator repair

The emergency vehicles and service base of the GourmetBack company are equipped so that to provide the restoration of special equipment. We carry out current and overhaul repairs of caterpillar, walking and wheeled excavators and their individual units:

● fuel equipment;

● engines;

● gear boxes and transmissions;

● electrical equipment;

● pumps and other elements of the hydraulic system;

● conditioners;

● replaceable equipment: booms, buckets, pile masts;

● metal structures.

Types of services provided for the maintenance of heavy machinery

20 years of experience and equipping with modern equipment allows the GourmetBack specialists to perform all types of heavy equipment services:

1. Urgent repair – at the customer’s site without removing individual units. Eliminating even minor problems requires a special tool and diagnostic devices that our field teams are equipped with. If necessary, we will select original spare parts for excavators of different manufacturers: Bobcat, CAT, JCB.2. Capital repair – on a special technical basis of the company. After complete disassembly, we carry out the diagnostics of individual units. Repairing or replacing the worn-out parts and mechanisms restores special equipment and helps to avoid downtime in the future. After the assembly, we carry out testing at idle speed and under load.

3. Maintenance according to the schedule. Regular scheduled inspection of excavators at a convenient time for the customer insures against significant breakdowns in the midst of work.

Advantages of repairing special equipment at GourmetBack

The company provides qualified assistance in troubleshooting special equipment of any complexity. We carry out all types of repair of the excavators of different manufacturers in Kyiv and across Ukraine. The customers refer to Gourmetback due to the following advantages:

● the service is carried out by professionals with extensive experience;

● lease of similar equipment for the period of repair;

● the whole range of services in one place;

● adherence to the terms agreed by the customer, and the maintenance schedule;

● many years of experience in mechanical engineering and special equipment allows us to manufacture, if necessary, any metal structure for the replacement of the excavator components and units;

● round-the-clock technical support for clients;

● reasonable pricing, which depends on the volume and urgency of jobs;

● provision of a guarantee for all replaced units and equipment.

To carry out the repair of special equipment, the service center is equipped with the necessary instruments, equipment, cars and a spare parts warehouse. You will receive detailed information on our website or during a telephone consultation with a qualified specialist.

Our managers will give you the recommendations on how to increase the service life, the peculiarities of the maintenance of heavy equipment, and the identification of factory defects. The affordable price corresponds and high quality of services are guaranteed and depend on the volume and complexity of the jobs performed.